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  • 448 weeks
    Ok, read and please pas around.

    Ok, according to the Devteam Mane6 who was behind the Fighting is Magic has a chance to use the SkullGirls fighting engine. Click here for Mane6 blog.

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  • 471 weeks

    Ok, I just found this on my twitter update and I think this needs to be passed along. Purple Tinker, the person behind the founding of BRONYCON has started a petition against Canterlote Gardens for slander and other things. The link below can better explain what's going on, but please sign it and pass it on to others.

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  • 480 weeks
    Looking for some help.

    Ok, the thing is that I got this new app game that I'm playing called "Rage of BahAmut". It's a card game where you complete quests and earn monster cards that you can enhance, evolve and trade. What I need help is that I need others to download the app (doesn't matter if you have an Android or an ISO user) complete the tutorial section and then enter my code

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  • 483 weeks
    Happy Luna is best Luna

    When I seen this on EQD, only one thing came to mind. That was Yuki Kajiura "In the land of twilight, under the moon" which I heard for the first time from the anime .Hack/Sign.

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  • 485 weeks
    Love photoshop

    Enough said.

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just got twitter · 1:28am Jun 12th, 2012

i just set up a twitter account, but mostly just to follow Tara Strong. just search my name Sgt_Brony and you'll find me. But don't ecpet a lot of tweets from me.

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