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Writer who loves world building and universe exploring. Discord: Magister Artemis Tao#7048

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  • 12 weeks
    Story Progress: First Update

    So I currently have 11 completed chapters (roughly 120,000 words) completed for my Fallout: Equestria story! The question is, do anyone have advice on the best way to go about feeding this out? I have it mostly edited but this process has been going somewhat slow due to college stuff. Still, I hope to start posting in the next month or so. ^_^

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  • 18 weeks
    General Update (For Those Who Care)

    Hello all,

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  • 115 weeks
    Pre/Proof Reader

    Hello all,
    Figured i'd pool from the people on here I know (Yes i'm still around, most days in fact) to see if anyone would like to be a test reader for a Fallout Equestria story? Merely PM me or answer here or whatever works.

    9 comments · 148 views
  • 284 weeks
    4 Das Until Destiny!

    I'm greatly anticipate this game as it is very different from Halo. Everyone tries to say it is the same but those are usually only people who have yet to try it.
    I made a clan for it dedicated to exploration and understanding the story of it and of course ponies because sure why not.

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  • 284 weeks
    7 Days Till Destiny!!

    So is anypony following me getting it? If so, which system??

    138 comments · 342 views

7 Days Till Destiny!! · 3:37pm Sep 2nd, 2014

So is anypony following me getting it? If so, which system??

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Comments ( 138 )

Ha...GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Sorry but no, next game i'll be getting is Gears of War 4... in a year or two, then the Halo: Master Chief edition, better late than never, no?

No lol because Destiny will be the cole train riding into every thing for the next year or so!! Also im mainly after Halo 2 anniversary for now

2422230 But it will be drastically underrated. Trust me. But I'm planning on getting it

2422236 Its a great game, I put this blog out because I already have a clan on the bungie website for it and I wanted toknow if people would like to join. Its not a clan centered on multiplayer but rather the fun and exploration of the game itself

Ha. I wish man. I barely ever game anymore.

2422310 Aw a life full of work?


Nah. Social life. Im only a teen mate :P

2422383 So am I and I work for the Army but I still fight to do it! Lmfao


Fair enough. I only used to casually game anyways.


You gotta guess. Its fairly old.

2422448 Hm indeed I do. Least you don't try to preach PC master race


Nah I occasionly play skyrim or some tom clancy games on there but i dont preach shit bout that.

2422453 Which is good :3 lol I do PC as well just only certain things


Its good for somethings. Hey remember that clan Hothead set up? Aegis clan or something?

2422467 yea I have no clue what happened to it

Hmm. kinda died within a few days really :derpytongue2: I think me and hot head still call each other bro :derpytongue2:

2422494 I haven't heard anything from him


Really? He's been quite active really.

Comment posted by Artemis Tao deleted Sep 2nd, 2014

2422500 I still haven't heard anything lol


He must just hate you or something :derpytongue2:


Dude im never wrong. :P

2422515 yeaaa so about time to off myself you figure?


No man when ever did I say that?

2422535 just an assumption is all


Dude i'd never tell someone to do that.


So how you been? Other than waiting for destiny.

2422564 I've well actually no I haven't been better. It's usually a consistent rate of Downward -ness


Hmm :applejackunsure: I hate it when nothing seems to get better.

2422571 Yea that's been the past 4 years of my life....sort of why I work for the army. Just maybe it resolve me living issues


What do you do for the Army?

2422576 I'm a quartermaster


Ahh so you dish out the kit and catalog it all as well.

2422586 that I do as well as inventory and weapon maintenance


Ah see over here thats two different jobs. weapons artificer and Quartermaster...thats right sitting round cleaning guns all day.

2422613 Armorer/supply clerk is my title. My sgt hates me though cause I scored so high on my aptitude tests but choose this job XD


Stick it too the man!

2422617 lol I barely worry about it as I'm more focused on my degree


What job could you have gotten anyway?

2422624 I could have been payed to go to school and be a certified eye doctor and several other high grade jobs. Also of the scale of 99 possible points I had 92 :P

2422638 did I mention my degree is in aerospace engineering and my minor Is in biomedical?


What the fuck man you're like one of those super genius's from the movies!

2422708 nooo I'm far from that


Aerospace engineering and a Biomedical Minor!? thats not way from it man.

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