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I am a Chinese-Canadian who loves military, dinosaur, and other. Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War and World War 1 & 2 is 4 of my top ten military histories.

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  • 431 weeks
    Who Framed Demi Lovato

    I am creating my version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit called Who Framed Demi Lovato is centres about my potential future wife Demi Lovato, Pinkie Pie who devoted herself as a private detective wearing a fedora had lost her cousin to an unknown evil live-action person. She was asked by a lady producer who works at Quagmire studios had concerned about Demi Lovato to record the voices from her newly

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  • 431 weeks
    New Story Ideas

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  • 463 weeks
    Planning to go to Africa and Syria as a Military Advisor

    I will plan to go to Africa and Syria as a military advisor when Canada refuses to sent military advisors ever since the Afghanistan campaign after I pushed my grades up and graduated from Durham College on military degree. On a secret military advisory mission will be code name operation called Operation Africa and Syria's Wounded Knee to organized Libya, Syria, Mali and Somalia's armed forces.

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New Story Ideas · 9:41pm Aug 29th, 2014

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i can't see anything on this blog

I am still working on it, I am a very struggled writer. :twilightsheepish:

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