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    Final part of Much Ahoof uploaded! + work on part two of Wine for Two has begun


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Twilight Flopple's "Heart Light" and "Adventures in Cake Making" · 6:58am Jun 11th, 2012

My dear friend Twilight Flopple aka Foxxy Hooves has finally arrived in FiMFiction.net! She doesn't really need an introduction, since she's one of the original big names in the fandom, but I'll try my best! :pinkiehappy: She's both an artist (check out her DA here!) and a writer, a fact which would make me extremely envious if we weren't such great friends.:raritywink: For one thing, my OC Butterscotch Sundae was designed by her, and she was also one of the first people who did fanart of one of my stories - it's the illustration she kindly let me use for Twilight Sparkle and Rarity's Magic Book. Her drawing Luna's Socks was the inspiration for my story of the same name, and we even produced an illustrated version of it together which can be read here!

Anyway, Foxxy's here on FiMFiction now, and she's uploaded two of her stories so far: Adventures in Cake Making, an adorable and whimsical tale involving Carrot Top and Derpy Hooves, and Heart Light, a story starring your's truly! They're a little different from the sort of stories I write (they are, for example, much better written - I challenge you to find someone with a better command of description than her) and come with my strongest recommendation.

We're also working on a spicy little collaboration, but it's all very hush-hush. :scootangel:

Butterscotch <3

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Comments ( 12 )

I think I know what you are getting at. You want us to completely ignore her right? :3
Kidding I shall check out her stories in a bit. I already follow her art on DA so why not.

Color me interested

"we even produced an illustrated version of it together"
which led me to re-reading it yet again, and as always i wish there was more, or a sequel:raritydespair:

Oh. My . Goddesses....

Now that is a dangerous and very, very welcome collab :rainbowkiss: Do suppose there will be a sneak peak in the near future, or say a insert within a fic perhaps? :raritywink:

That's a really nice resume:pinkiehappy: and she can also consider herself watched, faved and tracked by one more person


This. So hard. Any spicy collaboration involving Butterscotch is likely to be awesome.

~~FurryForlife~~ §~§

She looks so cool! :yay: art. . . I like painting. I'm about to try oil soon, and I'm really excited!:raritywink:

>She doesn't really need an introduction, since she's one of the original big names in the fandom
Never heard of her dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

168862 a.deviantart.net/avatars/t/h/thisplz.gif hard...


Foxxy is one of the original artists of the fandom from way back in 2010, when it was just a bunch of people posting on 4chan's /co/. All the fanart back then was basically being produced by Elosande, No-Ink, madmax, Kloudmutt, DiscotechnicaOttanta, MegaSweet, railgunner/crookedtrees and her (apologies if I forgot anyone - that's just off the top of my head)... this Trixie pic of hers was one of the very first to ship her and Twilight.

Oh, and a pic of hers accidentally started the whole "wing-boner" thing.

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