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In the rays of the sun I am longing for the darkness

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  • 328 weeks
    That moment when everyone has seen the Season Premiere... except for you...

    Spoilers, I see them everywhere!

    I haven't seen the new episodes yet and is really hard to avoid any spoiler when the site is full of them right now.
    Anyway, without any spoiler please, what are your thought about these new two episodes? Are they amazing? Good? Bad? Disappointing? I probably watch them tomorrow but I don't know what to expect of them.

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  • 334 weeks
    Another year passed.

    Sometimes I can't believe how fast time flies. Today, I am another year older. One more year in this amazing, though sometimes not so much, adventure called life. I feel like time flies too fast and I still haven't found my place in the world. I know I will, eventually.

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  • 338 weeks
    Playing Legends of Equestria

    Legends of Equestria servers are now opend for the weekend!

    If you want to join, just have to download the game for the page.
    I'll be playing it for awhile. If you wanna play it with me my name is also Midnight Sonare. Though I warn you, I don't know what to do in the game, I'm just flying around town looking for what to do. :rainbowlaugh:

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  • 353 weeks
    A question for a possibly new story.

    Hey guys, I got a new "pool"! *shouting a not so excited yay*

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  • 355 weeks
    New story awaiting approval!!

    I'm not dead!

    Or am I? let me check... yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm still alive.
    I'm here with good news! As the title said, I have a new story awaiting approval.

    What story are you talking about?

    Good question, Twilight! Have a cookie! *Throwing cookie*

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Farewell, my friends... · 7:41pm Aug 26th, 2014

Today, I'm leaving...



On a family trip!
I'm going to the beach with my family. I don't know exactly where, they haven't told me, but it will be fun! Well, I'm telling you this guys so you know that I won't be here. I'll be out the rest of the week, and I'll be back on Sunday or Monday.

Wish me luck! I will probably publish the new story when I came back. Until then, bye bye!

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