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    That moment when everyone has seen the Season Premiere... except for you...

    Spoilers, I see them everywhere!

    I haven't seen the new episodes yet and is really hard to avoid any spoiler when the site is full of them right now.
    Anyway, without any spoiler please, what are your thought about these new two episodes? Are they amazing? Good? Bad? Disappointing? I probably watch them tomorrow but I don't know what to expect of them.

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    Another year passed.

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    Playing Legends of Equestria

    Legends of Equestria servers are now opend for the weekend!

    If you want to join, just have to download the game for the page.
    I'll be playing it for awhile. If you wanna play it with me my name is also Midnight Sonare. Though I warn you, I don't know what to do in the game, I'm just flying around town looking for what to do. :rainbowlaugh:

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    A question for a possibly new story.

    Hey guys, I got a new "pool"! *shouting a not so excited yay*

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    New story awaiting approval!!

    I'm not dead!

    Or am I? let me check... yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm still alive.
    I'm here with good news! As the title said, I have a new story awaiting approval.

    What story are you talking about?

    Good question, Twilight! Have a cookie! *Throwing cookie*

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All hail Derpy! · 9:25pm Aug 24th, 2014

The rise of the Muffin Empress

Equestria had face may terrors on the pass of the centuries, especially in the last years since Princess Luna's return. But nothing is compared to what is coming. Will ponies survive? Or will they be crushed under the hoof of true terror?

When certain mailmare finds a source of great power, Equestria and the life of every pony will change forever. For good or evil is still uncertain.

What is this? May you ask. Well, this is the new story I've been working on! Come and witness the rise of a new age in Equestria! The rise of the Muffin Empire!

This story was a challenge. This was my first attempt at comedy, though it ended a bit more serious of what I thought it would be. Yeah, comedy isn't my strong. But I really enjoyed writing this story, and who wouldn't? Is a story about an OP Derpy! But I'm not saying more. The story is not completely ready, it still need an editor and some minor fixes, but it will come soon!

The story also took more time that what I expected. When I first visualized the story in my mind I thought it would be a 2k words one-shot, but it ended three times larger. I don't know if that means that I'm getting better at this, but I hope it does! Another reason why it took me so long was because I was recording my first EP. I don't know how many of you know this but I'm a musician. I play the bass on a new band, and we were recording our new and first EP. I hope I can show you it soon, if you guys want of course.

Anyway, expect the story to be ready around two week, mainly because I'm going on a family trip next week. I hope you guys enjoy it when I publish it! Oh, and if you wonder, I made the cover art.

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it still need an editor and some minor fixes

You don't say. :rainbowlaugh: PM me and we'll see if I can look it over for you.

Oh, that would be nice!

I will keep pressuring you until I see this posted!:flutterrage:you will not abandon this one!

Who do you think I am? Someone who promises is going to write a story and eight months later hasn't posted it? Oh, wait! that's me :twilightblush:

But don't worry the story is complete, just needs a little polishing

2397754 Awesome. Great art by the way.

Thanks! :twilightsmile:
I'm improving my drawing skill also.

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