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Names GMD, I make stories about horses meeting monkeys. Like Saiyan of All for instance. :D

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    Dont'cha Hate it?

    Dont'cha hate it when you find this great looking story, and then you notice it hasn't been updated in years/months? Meaning the guy just gave up on the story, and didn't add Cancelled.

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    On Hiatus

    Hello everypony! So, as you may know, my story saids "On Hiatus." Well, don't worry, I haven't given up on this story! I merely put it there over the fact that I'm going to be moving to a new home, so I won't be on computer for a month. (Sudden audience gasp.)

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    NO! JUST NO!

    Hello there, everypony! :pinkiehappy: So, i've been getting a lot of... peculiar requests for Saiyan of All. Even before it was gone. And here's the strangest one in my inbox, but apparently not in the comments.

    "GMD! Where's the clop?"

    "When are you going to add clop!?!"

    "We need clop!"


    N-No... j-just... no...

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    Ask GMD! #1

    Hey all! I've started a new blog post thing where you ask me anything about my story, Saiyan of All! Here's the question I liked the most.

    By RainbowDashVegetaFan123

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    Saiyan of All news #3

    Whew! 2,000 words on the fifth chapter already! I plan to make atleast 4,000 words on it in a matter of three days! I hope you like the story so far, cause now it's about to get 20% cooler! :rainbowdetermined2:

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Ask GMD! #1 · 12:32pm Aug 22nd, 2014

Hey all! I've started a new blog post thing where you ask me anything about my story, Saiyan of All! Here's the question I liked the most.

By RainbowDashVegetaFan123
Frieza is obviously stronger then Celestia right? I mean Celestia seems to fear Frieza just like the Mane Six and Spike, btw how the hell do the Ponies even KNOW Frieza?, I understand Frieza is one of the most feared Tyrants in the Universe, did he come and visit Equestria with Zarbon and Dodoria? And Frieza stayed in his 1st form a LOT and rarely transforms even saying so himself, and Frieza's power level in his 1st is 530,000 at max, so if Celestia fears him would her power level be lower then 530,000? Maybe at 250,000-300,000 perhaps? Then again she managed to KO Goku who had a power of 3,000,000 or higher depending if he had a Zenkai, also I don't think the Mane Six would have power levels over 1,000, Rainbow Dash MIGHT come close when she uses the Sonic Rainboom.

Well, I explained this to him in a message, but here was my answer!

See, Frieza is a name known throughout galaxies. Of course they fear him. He's blown up planets with one finger! Though he might not have visited Equestria, Celestia, the god that she is, can have visions. Though her power level is close to his At his 2nd form, she has something MORE then power. Strategy. She can use magic to trick or confuse him if they fought. Like, she can duplicate, mind control. (possibly}, and also teleport. :twilightblush: Also, her strategy is what made Goku pass out. It was a knock out spell. Also, in the next chapter, I will tell everyone's power levels so far! :pinkiehappy:

That's all the questions in my inbox! Ask me a question below and i'll answer it with a blog post!

See ya!


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Don't forget goku does know a thing or two about battle, so him being caught in a knock out spell was because he was caught off gaurd. (Not really strategy)


2390867 Her strategy WAS to catch him off guard.

Where is Saiyan of All?

Where did the story go

2407876 that's what I've been wondering the past few days, the story was getting REALLY good :D, don't know why GMD took it down

2412800 maybe if he commented on why its gone we wouldn't be so confused

Comment posted by GMD deleted Sep 18th, 2014
Comment posted by GMD deleted Sep 18th, 2014

2407876 It's back!

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