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The Delirium

I've always enjoyed reading other great fan fictions and I've always had great ideas for ones of my own. Now I write to share those ides with every other fan of mlp,

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  • 376 weeks
    Where have I been?

    Sorry for my long period of absence. I've just been busy with a lot of other things. However, there is no need to panic because I am back! A new chapter in Thunderlane's New Life will be up soon as well as another one-shot. Thank you.

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  • 377 weeks
    Is This An OC?

    Is there an OC called Rock Polish? I'm planning on using the name, but want to make sure it's not already taken. So, is there? If not, he's mine. No one better use it. I call it!

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  • 377 weeks
    Today has been a good day.

    Today has been a good dat for me. I live in Miami. The Dolphins just beat the Patriots 33-20. I'm happy. Plus, I just reached 50 followers.

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  • 377 weeks
    Has This Ever Happened to you?

    Sometimes I seriously question how uncoordinated I really am. While trying to rub my eye this morning, I overshot it and ended up punching myself in the face. This prompted me to compile this list of accidents that occur because of dumb reasons. So tell me, have any of these ever happened to you: (All of these have happened to me)

    1. Accidentally punch yourself in the face.

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  • 378 weeks
    Fun Fact: Hidden Chapters

    Even though my story, The Colt In The Orchird, is complete, it was not supposed to be that way. Originally, it was going to have a few more chapters, but alas it didn't. Why you ask? So many people assumed it was the end, so I just went with it. Looking back at the lady chapter, I can see how that happened. Anyways, I was thinking of publishing these other chapters as a sequel. I will do so of

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You Need To Read And Like This Story! · 11:50pm Aug 20th, 2014

Attention everyone! There is great story out there known as The Adventures of Humble Pie, by ,my friend, the red knight. He has just recently updated this story, which is very well written and a great read. You must, and I cannot stress this enough, must view and like this story. It may look undesirable because of the amount of dislikes, but trust me, it's worth the read. We are trying to gat the number of likes to surpass the number of dislikes. Please help.

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