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Just finished Skin Game (Marked spoilers behind the cut!) · 11:20pm Aug 19th, 2014

Holy mother of awesome sauce!

Did not see any of that coming!

I'll say this much; if my own half-arsed Dresden story manages to be even a quarter as awesome when all is said and done, I will be a very happy man.

Mab is a scary, scary women. All that, just to even a slight done years ago? If nothing else, Butcher really get the wonder and horror of the fair folk.

And Goodman Grey might be one of my new favorite side-characters of all time. All that work, for a freakin' dollar? And a half-skin-walker that manages to use THAT power for good(-ish) purposes? Amazed I didn't catch at least that, since he showed so many signs of having that particular power-set in hind-sight.

And I'm betting that bitter wizard in chapter one is going to turn out to be THE Merlin down the line. Not sure why he's in a cell like that in that case, but I'm itching to finding out!

And the whole book is basically one giant caper! AGAINST HADES ITSELF!

And near every bit of papa Dresden? :rainbowkiss:

Honestly, I spent most of my day reading that book in a single sitting, and I'm STILL tempted to just close the darn thing and start over again!

Sorry about the above CIA document, but Skin Game really reminded my why I like the Dresden series enough to write fan-fiction for it and I'm basically having a mental multiple-orgasm right now. :rainbowkiss:

Honestly not even sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight, but SO WORTH IT!

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You know, it's realllllly hard not to check those spoilers there. I haven't caught up to that book yet so the temptation is there to peek.:rainbowlaugh: Guess now I have a reason to go finish Ghost Story and Cold days now.

That was pretty much my reaction (aside from some additional snide criticism because I'm a horrible person, but whatevs).

I really liked the whole rationale behind the whole tongue biting thing, tough-such a small piece of worldbuilding, which in hindsight gives out so much information...

I dont blade you, Skin Game is one amazing book.

Yeah it's really great.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Now that you've read it you should checkout(if you haven't already) "Chengar Qordath" for his review of Skin Game.

That reminds me. I need to check out that code word Dresden made with Grey.
And robots are delayed, aren't they?


There aren't many series I do that with, but I always try to come into Dresden books totally cold. I don't even read the blurbs on the back.

(Discworld and Artemis Fowl until the later turned into a 'let's praise the perfect elves and ignore how hypocritical they are' snore-fest, if you're curious.)

A bit of effort to avoid spoilers, but seeing stuff like Sue without even a hint they're coming is just SO worth it. :yay:


I'd actually guessed that one the first time the Denerians showed up.

Isolation and branding like that? Classical cult techniques. Only reason the last one has fallen (somewhat) out of favor is that we live in a world with cell-phone cameras, and no matter the bond with your 'brothers' a SWAT team is still a SWAT team.

Honestly one of my favorite parts of Butcher's writings how he works all sort of trivia like that into the narrative. (And why the Codex Allara series probably refused to click with me, but that is another discussion entirely.)


This one?

Quite decent a review, but I strongly disagree about both points of complaints in it.

I won't go into the spoilery spoiler of spoilage, but I honestly thought Harry's current lack of gear made total sense. He has been stuck on a haunted island for nearly a year, and after his house burned down at that, after all. Metalworking tools are darn expensive, and you-know-who outright stated she'd cut Harry off from his allies to get the book's plot rolling.


And robots are delayed, aren't they?

Sadly think that story moved to 'Valve-time' quite a few months ago. :twilightblush:

Sorry about that, but I can't force inspiration and without that, there's just not much to jot down on the proverbial page.

Anything I can do?

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