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Dat monster hunting pony

I used to be a hater but then I took a friendship to the knee. I'm glad I took dat friendship!

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  • 381 weeks

    A big Thank-you to all of the people who follow me. I never thought I would reach 10 let alone 20 followers so once again a big thank-you to all of you!

    Achievement/trophy unlocked: Gain 20 followers

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  • 383 weeks
    Im leaving fimfiction......

    for a couple days to at most a month because my internet is really bad so im getting a different type of connection. Now if it takes more then a week I will give an update when im at a place with free wi-fi.

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  • 386 weeks
    My top ten Monster hunter boss themes

    Ahh Monster hunter a game that not only has amazingly designed monsters but epic themes for them. So choosing only ten was pretty hard as I enjoy all the music in Monster hunter. Well here are my top ten favorite Monster hunter boss themes.

    Number 10:Akantor

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  • 386 weeks
    Funniest horror game moment ever!


    Looks like somebody had to much caffeine.XD

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  • 387 weeks
    Your favorite song from Mlp and equestria girls?

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Your favorite song from Mlp and equestria girls? · 8:07pm Aug 18th, 2014

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MLP: Babs Seed
Equestria Girls: The cafeteria song since it's the only song I remember from that movie.

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