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  • 421 weeks
    *Headbobbing intensifies.*

    The Kill la Kill credits song always brings a smile to my face, i needed that....

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  • 421 weeks
    *grunting noises*

    How is it possible for my mom to stay drunk a whole day?????

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  • 421 weeks

    Why do i feel so fucking empty. I don't want to do anything and everything seems so grey. I'm gonna go CRAZY if i don't find anything to keep me distracted.

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  • 422 weeks
    Anyone got a list?

    Me and my boi want to play something together, but we are dumbasses so we don't have any ideas......so i ask you! Bring me a list of your favorrite co-op games adn leave 'em in the comments.

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  • 423 weeks
    Story (maybe)

    I'm thinking about making a PAYDAY 2 crossover.....

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All this time. · 5:25pm Aug 17th, 2014

I never knew how fun San Andreas was, i've been putting it off for so long but now i don't wanna stop.....

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That's what I thought when I sang really quietly in my spare time, now I'm singing my heart out in front of my close friends :pinkiehappy: I wish I realised sooner that singing was so much fun!!

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