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  • 398 weeks
    I Was Rustled

    Post shitty story, gets 40+ likes and favourites. No "top" authors even notice.

    Post another shitty story, gets 2 likes and 0 favourites, "top" author notices it and apparently "likes it" (doubt that).


    Put a donk on it.

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  • 398 weeks
    Let Me Tell You A Short Story...

    Story Time!

    So I was browsing FIMfiction whilst listening to Circles Around The Sun -- Dispatch when I hear the notification sound ring in my ears. It upset the harmony of the song and so upset me in the process. And then I became angry -- which author dares to disturb my music time with a Blog Post?!

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  • 405 weeks

    After a series of events I am cancelling any stories.

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  • 410 weeks
    How Much?

    Before anyone asks -- I know you've only seen ONE update. This is more of a future-reference post, m'kay?

    Regarding My Little Battlefield 3.

    I write between 500-1000 words a day for this story. Editing takes a while too. But I have school coming up so my time will be reduced considerably.

    I'm asking you, my humble readers, on update times.

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  • 410 weeks
    To Those Who Have Tracked/Favourited "My Little Battlefield 3"...

    When I mess this thing up, all I'm gonna do is this...

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

    2 comments · 299 views

So I Post A Chapter Of A Story I'm Not Sure Of And... · 3:38pm Jun 9th, 2012

Is this some kind of practical joke? That chapter was, what? 1500+ words? An introduction chapter? And then I get some positive comments, a few tracks and a watch? What has this world come to? Not even my awesome-fanfic-writer-approved story I wrote for another fandom a while back did this well. And I surpassed it in half an hour?

In all honesty, everything went better than expected.

If anyone is reading this (LOL I really think someone is reading this... I crack myself up sometimes...) expect Part II to be up in a few hours. It was ready earlier, but I deleted it thinking it was the old draft. I need to make the file names clearer on my Hard Disk. Yay, idiot day today!

Incognito out!

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