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    Story Progress: First Update

    So I currently have 11 completed chapters (roughly 120,000 words) completed for my Fallout: Equestria story! The question is, do anyone have advice on the best way to go about feeding this out? I have it mostly edited but this process has been going somewhat slow due to college stuff. Still, I hope to start posting in the next month or so. ^_^

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    General Update (For Those Who Care)

    Hello all,

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  • 115 weeks
    Pre/Proof Reader

    Hello all,
    Figured i'd pool from the people on here I know (Yes i'm still around, most days in fact) to see if anyone would like to be a test reader for a Fallout Equestria story? Merely PM me or answer here or whatever works.

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  • 284 weeks
    4 Das Until Destiny!

    I'm greatly anticipate this game as it is very different from Halo. Everyone tries to say it is the same but those are usually only people who have yet to try it.
    I made a clan for it dedicated to exploration and understanding the story of it and of course ponies because sure why not.

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  • 285 weeks
    7 Days Till Destiny!!

    So is anypony following me getting it? If so, which system??

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Over 100 watchers? How? · 1:53pm Aug 14th, 2014

Hello everypony I thought I'd drop in the say thank you for 100 followers. I'm not sure how I have massed this number with not a single story (Yet!) but im grateful. I do want to put out that I do have a story in the works and more information will be put out on that as it progresses.

Anyway so how is everypony??

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Comments ( 111 )
Comment posted by Kabuto901 deleted Aug 14th, 2014

going to bed

2369410 Different time zones eh? Well good night

I'm doin good, I'm currently working on the next chapter for my FO:E story

2369421 CONGRADULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! my friend, I am happy for you.

2369447 Thank you good sir

2369458 No problem my fine chap, I'm just appraising an honest achievement the way a demented demonic God should HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, so how's the big house going?

2369464 Havent been there in awhile :rainbowlaugh:

2369491 Ahhhhhhhhhhh well okay then...... I'm there right now Burning it to the ground HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2369518 hahaha be funny if you actually could lol

2369446 Yes! I'm trying to keep it high quality the whole way so it's taking a bit

2369537 Well I wasn't lying when I said I was on.... just lied about the world I was on :rainbowwild:

2369541 Same with mine, I've been working on this chapter for 2 days now just so it's just right

2369554 Indeed you do..... but can you feel?

2369566 I'm also trying to figure on an editor! Kinda tedious

2369568 missing some skin on right hand from Sunday sooooo not as much no...

2369585 ......... *a Darlek appears* EXPLAIN!!! *I bitch slap the Darlek and throw it through a window* .... well, what he said

2369589 well doing my army stuff and got rope burn. ..next rope climb torn the rope burn off in 3 spots :'''(

2369597 Like I'm paranoid I'm not describing enough or keeping character perspective in first person

2369602 ouch sorry to hear that mate, must of stung like a b**ch when it happened. Not good, not good at all. But anyhoo how ya been, besides that of course?

2369607 pretty good. I'll be online in about 30 minutes btw

2369616 Good to hear, and okay bud, I'm doing something so I should be on:pinkiehappy:

2369646 Its a tedious process but probably worth it

2369659 It is tedious but it is totally worth it

2369666 Indeed good sir. whats your story on?

2369685 Like the plot of your fallout?

2369688 It's about a diamond dog called Whitefang who is enslaved by a earth pony called Chipset and the only way he can be set free is if he gets her back to her home

2369701 I think so and so do quite a few bronies because there's action, gory scenes and a little romance

2369703 Hooray, mine has minor romance and technically it can have clop buuuut that's not part of the main story. ill take votes to release that as a bonus insert chapter because im not writing that into my stories plot :rainbowlaugh: its for jokes

Um... Congrats on 100 watchers.

2369823 Aww im sorry :( any reason why?

2369869 yea... Getting gang bang is not fun. ;-; 5 guys...

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