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Alexis Lamontagne

welcome to my profile, I am Alexis, a writer and artist. I do books and art of any rating.

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jaws: ponified · 11:50pm Aug 12th, 2014

who can do jaws with ponies. just the book and the movie jaws. 14 chapters, 309 pages, and 7 character.
Send me a messege if you like to do the book based on the book (the book based on the book equals a PARADOX, so don't get confused with it), I willgive a good promotion to who can get the most intense and thrilling book just Like the movie and book "JAWS" and the sequel "JAWS 2". May the best book writer win.

Rewards by your choise
- you dub my tumblr
- you can do the art for the blog
- get a album from my deviantart page
- or get to write some other books for me and I will edit it.
It's a win, win kind of reward.

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