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I'd call myself a fanfic writer, if I wasn't too busy horsing around!

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A Message on Proofreading and Grammar · 2:41am Aug 12th, 2014

One month! It's only been one month since I finished up the last chapter! That's some kind of record for me. Again, all of you are super awesome, and I'm glad you're all enjoying the story so far. But something's come up that I kind of feel is important to talk about.

See, my proofreader is currently busy taking care of her dad, who just went through some intensive knee surgery. There's no way I can ask her to do something like this. So I've got a temporary solution: a friend of mine, a recent convert to the herd, has offered to temporarily take her spot. However, because I also didn't want to entirely take away this project from my main proofreader (who I'm even paying), all he's doing is making sure my story stays on track and that it makes sense. As such, particularly eagle-eyed readers may notice a few grammar issues from now until the end of the story. They're definitely not atrocious and heinous in nature, and they'll definitely be cleaned up at least by the story's end, but it is what it is. Hopefully what that means is I can get these chapters out a little sooner. Unfortunately that won't change my slow writing speed, but... I'd like to think I'm doing better.

I also was spending some time in between writing this chapter on something completely different. I listen to a lot of music. Once in a blue moon I write about it. So I wrote a review of the album "Manslaughter" by Body Count. Spoiler alert: it was a pretty awful experience. It's totally not a pony-related thing, and I understand that, but hey, maybe you'll dig it.

Once more, you're all incredible, and I'm so thankful for all of you. Stay pony, my friends.

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