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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.

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  • 254 weeks
    What's this?

    Almost.... Almost...

    I'd like to thank everyone who liked Just Yanking Your Chain or any of the JYYC series.

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    18 comments · 797 views
  • 256 weeks
    Bad News Everyone.

    Now, I know I've been pretty slow on updates recently, and I know a lot of you guys are willing to stick through some humps to get what I can struggle to get out. This is sounding a lot more sexual than i want, sorry about that.

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  • 262 weeks
    New A Spike of Magic Chapter

    The long awaited chapter is here! (And people say I run on valve time...)

    There is also new cover art for the story, so enjoy that (it's a little more exciting than the last one).

    Enjoy, and keep on the watch as I'll be finishing the story ahead of all other projects for the time being!

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  • 273 weeks
    Possible New Avatar?

    Had a doodle of me done by my friend, Newbluud (Go check out his other stuff, this is just a doodle!)
    Think it would make a good profile avatar?

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  • 278 weeks
    Like an old composer, I'm bach

    I'm not dead, as it turns out.

    In other good news, Just Yanking Your Chain 3 is coming soon. And not that valve "coming soon" I've been using. I mean that the story is actually finished, mostly been edited, and is now waiting for it's cover art to be made.

    Anyway, expect that soon. Good to be back, ladies and gentlemen.

    13 comments · 310 views

Next Stories · 12:01pm Aug 10th, 2014

Alright, to save time, I'm just going to list the title of the next stories I'm converting. I'll try to find time to write while doing this, but the majority of writing will start once I get these one shots converted.
Stories I'm converting are:
1.) Just Yanking Your Chain (Vinyl Scratch)
2.)Hot Coco (Coco Pommel)
3.)First Man on Luna (Luna)
So, I'll try to get these out as soon as possible.

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Comments ( 5 )

Change it to (the) first man on the moon, instead of first man on luna

2419121 I actually changed it to "First Man in the Moon"

2419476 Sounds good to me.

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