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Hi there! I decided to change my bio to a sexy inspirational quote! Everyone wants happiness, no one want pain, but u can't have a rainbow without a little rain :') follow & get hugs+cookies! *huggle*

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  • 352 weeks

    BanditTheDog HUGGED ME.

    LIKE WHAT?!?! AM I IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?! A UNIVERSE IN WHICH BANDIT SHOWS HIS FEELINGS?!?! I was so touched:raritydespair: but then again it would have meant more if he did it without me asking him to...:applejackunsure:

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  • 353 weeks
    Sorry everyone.

    Sorry that I've been so inactive lately everyone.

    My dog passed away. I won't go into detail as it will take too long, but yeah, that's kinda why I haven't been on for such a long time. Thanks for always being there for me though, you're all such loving and supporting people :)

    So, how is everyone? What have you all been up to?

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  • 357 weeks
    Really sad :(

    My 12-year old dog has been unwell for a while now, she's really quite and depressed, and isn't behaving normally. My mum took her to the vet today, which I only found out when I came home from school. I thought we would be picking her up later on, and I asked when, and she said she may or may not survive or may be put down, which I didn't even know! so idk if she's coming back later now or not,

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  • 358 weeks
    Meow. Thats me being a cat. a copycat.

    so gimmie a number!

    and also tell me how you're doing, its been a while!

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Hi! · 10:16am Aug 9th, 2014

Hi everyone.. Just wanted to say hi! How is everypony? Any new exciting stories people r working on?

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I should be workin' on my next Doctor Whooves fic, but I don't feel so good..:pinkiesick:

2355792 oh no! Well I hope you get better soon!

I'm all good :yay: Thank you for asking, how are you?

Working on clop non stop :pinkiehappy:

2355826 yeah I'm alright. I want to sit on here al day but my parents are getting angry!!! :rainbowlaugh:

2355837 ew what! Okay... Nice to know... Not... Ish....

2355845 I guess they don't like the fact that you are talking to random ppl on the internet... I can understand them in one way (A 20 year old guy wanted me to be his girlfriend, feels weird hearing that when you are a guy :rainbowlaugh:)

2355847 though then again, I'm writing a story on dash becoming a transgender, so I can't say much, can I ! :derpytongue2::rainbowkiss::unsuresweetie:

I guess I could start on a story. :heart:W:heart:

well I post my new story Equestria's Prince of Conduits, lot work, but in the process :twilightsmile:

Currently working on the chapter for my FO:E story

Hiya!!!:pinkiehappy: I would be working on a new story but I'm way too tired... and I don't feel like it. I have too many ideas and not enough motivation to write them.:facehoof:

2356056 sounds nice!

2355848 wait. What r u talking about?

2356167 yeah that happens to me sometimes!!

2356421 yeah, well you can check it out, if ya want

2356426 I honestly have no idea what I thought when I posted that comment, I would guess I was just pointing out the side of the internet that your parents didn't like...

2356438 ooohh okay! Yeah, that's why, they think bronies r peedos, but no!!!! I've argued back but they still aren't convinced. They said in the future I'm not allowed to go to bronycon ! :fluttercry::applecry:

2356452 I'm sorry to hear that :fluttershysad:

2356456 oh don't worry!!! I'll escape one day and go to bronycon!! MUHAHAHA!!! DANM U PARENTS!!! I am SO going to bronycon . One day....:pinkiecrazy:

2356431 IKR, sometimes it too much too write! I wish I could just think the story and it would appear!

2356807 Parents, they cant control you forever :pinkiecrazy:

2356812 indeed. MUHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!

2356809 Yeah, that would be nice.

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