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My favorites are cute things and video games!! Praying for a cuter future.

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    man i used to be a real piece of shit on here

    why did anyone put up with this shit lol

    sorry to anyone who i ever made feel like shit or anything like that, not that too many people even remember who i was. if you're wondering who i am i'm Poultron, a real old mod who aint on here no more

    cant believe the stuff i would say in public

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    Spring (Winter?) Cleaning

    I'm gonna randomly go through old posts/comments/blogs and probably prune some stuff. I've grown and changed a lot as a person and frankly readin' some of my old posts makes me go "man that person sure does stink!!" Sorry to anyone I was ever rude to. This place taught me a lot about how to be kinder and articulate myself better when dealing with administrative issues. Sometimes I miss it! If

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    Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking?

    I hear that some people are still mad about that.

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  • 435 weeks
    good riddents knighty

    now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

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Ya'll should draw me an avatar · 3:44am Jun 13th, 2012

I already got 2 people to draw me this, but I'm a selfish piece of shit so I'm gonna post this on the site too. I just want an avatar of Pinkie Pie as Luffy from One Piece! Or just draw art of Pinkie Pie as Luffy. Luffy Pie owns. I love the pictures I've already gotten, thank you so much! This is totally a selfish request, I just want to see more Luffy Pie. You don't have to do it or anything!

Okay, here are the pictures. This first one is from some guy named Devin on Facebook, no idea what his art handle is. I love the pose and the expression in this one, it reminds me of Oda while still being distinctly Pinkie. Plus, it looks like it would work well as an avatar! Sadly, it isn't finished yet.

This one is from Ryan on Facebook, again not sure of his art handle. I love this picture, it's very Pinkie Pie, but I don't know if it works very well as an avatar unfortunately. Still, it's an adorable Luffy Pie picture! Awesome!

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:moustache: ..... what's in it for us?

my adoration

Eh. Cant draw. Sorry, Chum.

Gimmie time. I'll see you Sunday.


The first one probably reflects your mood when you are telling us all the stuff we cant do.

Does it have to be suited for work? I have the most inappropriate pictures in my head right now.

well if you want me to use it as an avatar it does, otherwise i dont care

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