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  • 421 weeks
    *Headbobbing intensifies.*

    The Kill la Kill credits song always brings a smile to my face, i needed that....

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  • 421 weeks
    *grunting noises*

    How is it possible for my mom to stay drunk a whole day?????

    2 comments · 221 views
  • 421 weeks

    Why do i feel so fucking empty. I don't want to do anything and everything seems so grey. I'm gonna go CRAZY if i don't find anything to keep me distracted.

    21 comments · 337 views
  • 422 weeks
    Anyone got a list?

    Me and my boi want to play something together, but we are dumbasses so we don't have any ideas......so i ask you! Bring me a list of your favorrite co-op games adn leave 'em in the comments.

    8 comments · 265 views
  • 423 weeks
    Story (maybe)

    I'm thinking about making a PAYDAY 2 crossover.....

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FINE · 7:57pm Aug 1st, 2014

You win.

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2335346 We had a little argument, but we're over it, i think everyone has grown out of this.

2335349 :rainbowlaugh: that's a shame, I was about to go get popcorn :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

2335356 We're pretty good at solving our conflicts, and we always handle them in a mature, controlled way.

2335345 Shut up Vaas, i don't need a psychopath on my back right now.

:ajbemused: I am no longer a psychopath

2335358 'mature', says the person who had an argument over blogs about who is more pretty. :rainbowlaugh:

2335552 :rainbowwild: nevaaaaaaaaaaar!!!

*flicks page on book* I tried. I put duck-tape over her mouth once. She ate it.

And it was delicious! It tasted like chicken....

What?! That's not how duck-tape works!

That's the way it works now! :pinkiecrazy: Muhahahahahaha!!

2335591 Kitty, i swear...Shut her up, would you kindly, pony?

2335603 Believe me, I've tried. She never will shut up. Unless... *walks out the door for a moment*

*grabs megaphone* I SHALL NEVER BE-

Just say anything, and she'll shut up for a good while.

... okay then?

*stares, frozen in pace*

... well then...

*stays entirely frozen, seemingly defying gravity*

... I'm gonna go now... *walks out again*

Thanks, Avi! Oh, and remember, the dragon is coming to pick you up in about half an hour!

*still frozen* how could you....

It was the only way to shut you up. *goes back to reading*

... meep... *stays utterly silent*

2335614 That was a ride from start to finish.

Why was this not done in the comments?

2335697 Because i started it and he made another blog post so i took the challenge

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