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Recruiting for Massive Project! · 5:44pm Jul 30th, 2014

I see the pools of talent here, and I am humbled. I am a modest artist and writer here myself. Today I am asking if there is anyone who would like to share in my vision? Allow me to elaborate…

We seek to create a visual novel with an entirely original cast of characters set in a pony universe. It will be one part dating simulation, and two parts epic narrative driven story: following the journey of a male protagonist with a love of interest of his choice. A functional demo shall be launched alongside a funding campaign. The use of wholly original characters and a vague Equestria esque setting means we will be able to copyright and sell this as a parody work.

A team is assembling towards this dream; however we are still in need. Currently lacking is an individual well versed in Ren’py, a background artist, a sound manager, and an exceptional editor. Note* since several offers for editor have been, made currently only those with experience(writing and/or editing, preferably both) need apply.

Note* your applications will be reviewed by our team.

To understand me better, please peruse my body of work! Check out my art and my stories. If you want to join the main production crew, contact me only if you’re serious. If you’d like to volunteer your efforts for free, please contact me as well but clearly state that is your intention.

Characters are as Follows: Leaf Wind, Blueberry Frost, Sol, Cutlass, Ziara, and Nightshade

More Promotional Art Work to follow as developments are released.

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Comments ( 13 )

this looks interesting I can't wait for it.

Are you recruiting oc's

I wounder what this visual novel will be about :trixieshiftright: But coming from you, it will be awesome! Also, its awesome that Leaf Wind is Neighponese. At lest that's what I think she is, from the look of her weapons and attire. Also, I can't help but wounder when this story takes place in your (Epic) universe, and Blueberry Frost is back, yea! :pinkiehappy: I've missed her.... can't wait.

Comment posted by Rubyfire377 deleted Jul 30th, 2014

2329218 We're looking for skilled staff as mentioned above.

2329608 okay so what's the first one I didn't understand it

2329615 We need a good coder who's familiar with Ren'Py.

interesting, you have my attention as an editor.

We're now accepting applications. Feel free to send me yours. :twilightsmile:

2329295 Yup Leaf Wind is Neighponese!

Both of you have been good friends. I'll provide you with the project password once we get a demo going. You'll have exclusive first access. :twilightsmile:

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