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Evil is evil. Greater, lesser, middling, it's all the same. I haven't done only good in my life. But if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.

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Coming Soon™ · 3:30am Jul 29th, 2014

Above all else, loyalty. Loyalty to the end.

Friendship, they say, is the truest magic there is.
But when that magic is lost, what is left to hold us together?

Nearly a decade has passed since the day Rainbow Dash made her choice, a choice that saved the life of one friend at the cost of another. It was a catastrophe that should have brought her and Scootaloo closer together, but instead served nothing but to fill one with anger and resentment as the other let herself be consumed by regret.

As she returns to Ponyville for the first time in all those years, Rainbow Dash seeks to make up for lost time with her friends. She soon learns, however, that time is not the only thing that has been lost. Now, the loyalty of one who no longer believes is all that's left to remind them of the bond they once all shared, and restore the magic that has faded away.

Time can mend many wounds, but can do nothing for those we refuse to let heal.
And the only friendships we lose are the ones that we ourselves allow to be severed.

So here it is, the little something I promised for the lengthier fic I'm working on. I'll say that the delay was partly because I was waiting for the artwork, and partly because it's me, and when I promise something in two weeks you might get it in four. Apologies. I still have a ways to go and some things that need figuring out, but as always I will be working my hardest to get this out in a timely fashion, and with the exception of a few other things on the side, it will be my priority.

And when I say things, I of course mean the two Luna shorts I mentioned last month. Keep in mind I'm still iterating on these, and while I have written a little bit of every story appearing in this post, I don't know exactly which will be ready first. Also, the pictures for the shorts are placeholder for the time being. (Why is it so hard to find non-explicit TwiLuna?)

The Kinkeeper

[Slice of Life]
Characters: Luna, Celestia

One thousand years. A millennium. Three-hundred sixty-five thousand nights. In that time, the moon would have changed her face forty-eight thousand times, give or take the odd cosmic anomaly.

One thousand years. Even for beings such as we, time does not move swiftly. Any attempt that I have made to reconcile so immeasurable a period in my mind has reduced it to nothing more than a number, equally vast and incomprehensible. I know that I spent these years imprisoned for my transgressions, and yet I have no memory of this endless eternity. Now, awake in a time that seems so familiar but is still so alien, it may as well have been no more than a fitful dream.

One thousand years. I have been back for one, struggling to adapt today to a tomorrow I never knew, and still your smile is as warm and patient as I remember it in the time before. As I watch you, a thousand years of practiced solace etched into the corners of your face, I think I am beginning to understand what you did, sister. I only pray it does not take me a thousand more to understand why.

I wanted to try my hand at first person, and a story exploring the idea that Luna's punishment may not have been hers alone seemed like a good place to go with it.

Long Night's Journey Into Day

[Slice of Life]
Characters: Twilight, Luna

It has been three long, sunless days since morning last dawned over Equestria. Twilight, reeling from the death of her beloved mentor, must come to grips with her newfound responsibility as curator of the sun and the fact that all things, no matter how enduring, will one day come to an end.

Nothing more than a short description for this one, unfortunately. It'll be my attempt at a TwiLuna fic because Pear told asked me to, but one that will focus a bit less on their relationship and a bit more on Twilight overcoming her loss.

And that's what I've got planned for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this helps make up for the time since I last wrote something!

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Comments ( 4 )

:O These all look superb. And you actually decided to write Twiluna? ? ?

/me becomes excited.


Why is it so hard to find non-explicit TwiLuna?

Try typing "twiluna, safe" Into the search bar on derpibooru.

Oh! I'll give that a look-see. (I didn't try that hard, so I'm sure I'll find something.)

And tank ya! I'm excited to get them up. Yes, when you asked for TwiPrincess, I decided it would be fun to try. Hopefully it will be up to your standards. :3

Oh hey, things to await with giddy anticipation. Excellent!

I don't think I've given you a Watch yet. Have one just now, so I can keep track of you and your eldritch and marvellous doings more easily. (This puts you in company with The Descendant, for what that's worth.)

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to earn a follow from you one day. Happy and humbled, sir. Hopefully, they shall be worth the wait!

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