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    Does anypony want a zebra x oc clopfic?

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    Hey everypony, Bred to Love is coming to an end in about two chapters or so, and I want to start another. Two more, to be exact. One will be a collab with someone, and the other a quick one-shot from a birthday scenario. Post some Birthday Scenarios that are normally labeled 'sexy edition', or 'explicit edition' :twilightsmile: If you would like to collab, make sure you have a Gmail, and I will

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    Hey everypony! This is now Mira. That's my real name. Yup. I am changing the name for bred to love as well, but just the looks of my oc and name, whom is still a crystal Pegasus. This is because my little sister will be taking over my oc Wingshy, and my old youtube. I will start another youtube soon! Hope this does not hinder your experience!

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    HEY HEY EVERAY PONAY! LOL. I will be gone for five days, and I will post the next chapter soon. sorry for the delays over and over.

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Success! · 3:01pm Jul 28th, 2014

Well, I want to thank everypony who encouraged me to keep writing after my failure in "Taming the Slave". I am pumped up to keep writing "Bred to Love", and I am currently looking for female oc's to add as sisters of the harem, they may last for a few arcs, but if not, they WILL have an appearance. Please pm me this form filled out:

Color Pattern:
Cutie Mark: (optional)
Sexual Position: (choose virgin or NV)
Feelings toward Sisters: (if you have any sisters you have feelings for in the story or towards Wingshy)
Description: (If you feel like it put a small description of your character please. This can include any of their kinks or turn offs. You may leave this blank if you don't mind me writing whatever I want.)

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Thank you! Sorry for getting pissed off earlier about the age thing.

It's cool, I understand.

Ummm do you mind if I send in my guy (as a master to interact with)....or are you still mad at me :fluttercry:


I never was mad at you. Just upset at the world. Lol. I'll find a place, just fill out the form above and send it to me in a pm!

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