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Another Milestone! · 10:06pm Jul 27th, 2014

Firstly, this is ten followers late, but I recently hit two-hundred-and-fifty followers! I believe Rarity offered to express my gratitude. Rares?

Much obliged, Rarity.

So, I decided that for this blog, as a little celebration, I'd share for you a little bit of information about my OC! All enclosed for your convenience in this little guide:

8-Bit, commonly referred to simply as "Eight" by his friends.




Grey coat, blue eyes, mane and tail are black with blue stripe, Cutie Mark is a pixelated skull.

Special Talent:
Traditional & Arcade Gaming

Primary Residence:


A ferret named Gizmo

Apprentice at Ponyville arcade, learning to maintain and restore older arcade games, as well as learning management skills. His father founded and owns the arcade, and when he retires, Eight is set to be promoted to manager. Eight also is a part-time weather pony, only going on active weather duty if a regular weather pony calls in sick, or if he is needed for preparing for larger events (eg. Summer Sun Celebration).

Though he has aspirations (like many of the pegasi in town) to join the Wonderbolts, his flying skills are fairly lackluster. He can fly fairly fast normally, and has a lot more wingpower than you might expect, but he lacks the finesse to perform stunt flights. Whilst he can perform maneuvers perfectly in flight simulators, he can never pull off stunts in real life. He can often be found practicing his flying on the outskirts of town, but the results are normally catastrophic, and end up with a hospital visit and a letter sent off to claim on someponies house insurance.

Jovial, kind-hearted, playful, and fiercely loyal to his friends. Though meeting new ponies can normally scare him, he never lets his fears surface, and will always treat new ponies with the same kindness and respect he shows to those closer to him. This mental battle between fear and determination often shows up on the surface as eccentricities, but he does his best not to let them get the better of him.

And that's my OC! If you ever want to use him in a story, feel free to, just as long as you let me know first.

Thanks again for all the follows, guys. It means a lot. Stay sexy, my minions!


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