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Steam Contest! (Also, Cosmic forgets a title) · 7:01pm Jul 27th, 2014

Special thanks to: Skeeter the Lurker, Ineffable Cupidity, Flint Sparks, Smiles and Icebox Froggie for agreeing to help spread the word when they get the chance!

Greetings one and all! My name is Cosmic Smiles Afro and guess what I have for you? Not one, not two, not four, but three opportunities for winning $20 dollars worth of things on Steam at any given time. I recently won $100 so I’m giving the majority to the people! Hooray! What? Spend it wisely on myself? Pffft. You’re silly.

So silly.

Oh! Oh! Oh! How do I enter?

Comment on this blog saying you’re interested! That’s it! No forced re-blogs or any junk!


Then why are the people mentioned at the top re-blogging?

I asked them to prior to this post because they’re awesome people who I respect. They receive no benefit from posting a link to my blog other than cool people like yourselves following them as a thanks and reading their stuff, if any, and sending them lots of delicious cookies. I mean, you don’t have to follow or give cookies. You don’t have to do anything. Anarchy, right? But do it anyways… for the Sea Turtles!


When does the entry time end?

This Tuesday at 6 p.m. Central. Think Texas time if it helps. These raffles are quick-fire events and I would normally end it the day after, but I have work in the evening on Monday and want a weak excuse to give people more time.

You’re welcome.

How is the raffle done?

I assign names to a number based on order of comments. So, first to comment is one, second to comment is two, etc. I then use a random number generator and set it up to pick a random series of numbers based on the amount of participants and the first three to come up are the winners.

For obvious purposes, those who may comment twice do not receive an extra spot. No one person will win more than $20.

Patrick Star is always relevant.

How will I know if I won?

A blog post will be made on the day of the drawing and I will send a Fimfiction PM to you. Should you win, the Fimfiction PM will be the way you, the potential winner, will tell me what grand things you want. If you would like to wait for an item to go on sale, that is recommended and perfectly fine! However, it is your responsibility to keep up with the game you want, not mine. I will do my best to purchase it same-day on sale. We’ll talk should I miss it.

That should be everything, but I’ll update this blog if a question that deserves answering (and is related to the raffle) comes up. Until then, I will see you all on Tuesday for the winners! I wish you all the best of randomly generated numbers!

Also, good luck!

Live, Learn, Let go

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Comments ( 53 )

*throws his hat into ring*

*Also throws his hat in*

I suck at these kinds of contest, but why not?

*throws in chips*

Deal me in. :twilightsmile:

Let the games begin! :rainbowkiss:

Might as well give it a shot:pinkiehappy:

hay bby

*throws mane into the ring* What? You thought this was real. Please, every writer wears a fake mane these days. But yeah, I will give this a try.

Okay... sure, why not?

oh wait, I don't have a steam account... so never mind.

Well Mr. Cosmic I say "Pony up boys!" AKA I'm in


Well, let's see if I win something this time
*throws hat in just like almost everyone else*
Count me in!

I'd love some free games.

On that note, any of you play Project Zomboid?

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Sure, why not?

/me throws fedora on top of the already huge pile of hats.

I'm interested, and that's all I can say...

Normally I have more to say, or a video, or something... But I got nothing.

ja warum nicht:pinkiehappy:
(yes why not)

I'd like to join in too, this sounds like a great time!

Hooray for less of a chance. I'm in.

Might as well join.

I'm interested!

Would it be possible to directly send the money to my Steam account, instead of you buying things and sending them to me? That way you don't have to watch for the games I want to get. If not, then I suppose it's still fine, but I'd prefer to not have someone else doing things for me.

There is so many gifs in this blog.

I wonder if anyone will notice the hidden message hidden within them.

I'm interested as well!

Unfortunately, no, or I would do so as it would be much easier for both parties involved.

2320991 Drat. Oh well. Still, this sounds fun, so count me in.

You've got my interest. I could use a few new games in my Steam Library.

Aww, that's so sweet. :heart:

If Lumie wins, they shall donate the game to the poor(est friend I can find). And/or the cutest waifu. Though seems like it would be against the rules to give it back to Cosmic. :rainbowkiss:

Did you finally win the lottery like you said you would?
Also, I'm interested.

Count me in... EXCEPT if I win, give the prize to the next (random!) number after me. :duck:

Interested. I wanna ween.

Hm. Sounds interesting. :)

A chance to win a copy of Freedom Planet? I'm game! :rainbowdetermined2:

"I'm interested in entering"


I'm here to win, and win big(ish)!

I'm interested, gib moni pls.

Colour me interested (interested is purple). I've been after the portal games for a while, so I'll take the opportunity.

I need to expand my Steam library; so count me in!:yay:


I'm guessing I'm ineligible since I won the last one, but here goes nothing!

Nope, you are eligible. Had there been less people responding in this time frame, I may have considered your motion, but frankly I don't mind one bit.

Wow, I wouldn't know of many people who'd do this with money they won.

You're a real cool cat.

And I shamelessly throw my gauntlet into the ring of raffles.

I perceive that this is a hunger games type scenario where I am expected to brutally murder other contestants to increase my winning chance. I understand, and will commence immediately.

I don't have a hat to throw in the ring, but I do have this image.



I'm entering, not because of the games... hahaha of course not. It was all those kawaii anime pictures.


*throws his hat into the ring*

I also would be interested in this raffle.

Count me in

Will it help my chances any if I put on some lingerie? Or maybe if I promise not to? :duck:

I am intrigued... Sign me up.

Well, it won't increase your chances with the contest... but it might increase your chances of something else :ajsmug::heart:

I guess I'm in :V

*entering intensifies*

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