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    Morning all!

    You know, these days I'm largely writing for myself. Which is to say, I'm no longer hugely concerned with getting as many views as possible. Story ideas occur in my head, and I write them out because I enjoy the satisfaction of them being transcribed into reality where other people may also read them. Ten people, ninety people, a thousand, honestly it's inconsequential.

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And. Here. We. Go! · 12:32am Jul 23rd, 2014

Right, my contest story is done, just got approved by the Fimfiction deities. If you haven't heard yet, this contest to which I am referring is the UKofE Monthly Fimfiction Writing Contest, which, like most writing competitions, is the whole 'get a prompt, write the tale in X amount of words' kind of deals. This was supposed to be a way to give myself a great big boot up the arse, get my confidence in writing back up, and actually motivate myself to write again. And it'd kinda worked.

Big news regarding 'On The Rocks' coming this Sunday, by the way. Just saying.

Also, a week or so back, I posted the best ever on ride photo, taken of me and my friend Cloudy at Thorpe Park:

Well my friend Dilarus just ponified it, and it is amazing!

Go show him some love for this, it is easily one of my favourite OC pictures to date.

Also saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 this Saturday just gone. No spoilers. I loved it. I want a Night Fury.

Finally, got my first proper plushie today, my 4DE Pinkie. Look how happy I am!

That's all for this blog. Stay sexy, minions.


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Pic link is broken, please fix so I can be jealous of you having a plushie.

Well I'll be damned — you actually finished it. :trollestia:

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