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  • 388 weeks
    Yeah, Hiatus Time. Sorry.

    School is taking up a lot of my time. It is not the only thing doing so. I've gotta be honest with myself, and put my stories on hiatus for a while. Who knows, I might write a little for spring break, or maybe not 'til summer. I don't know yet. Please note that I have taken the time to actually switch them to "On Hiatus", so you can be sure that I will be back.

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  • 392 weeks
    I did it! Woohoo!

    New chapter is up! And just in time; classes start tomorrow morning. It remains to be seen just how much time I will have with schoolwork to do.

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  • 401 weeks
    I Post it, I Post it Not...

    Picking the petals off to randomize the decision...

    I just finished a chapter of GTJD, and...I don't know. I should probably have someone look over it for errors and stuff, but it's been so long, I really want to post an update...

    Fuck it.

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  • 403 weeks
    Get Your Hooves Up! C'mon, it's My Birthday!

    Get your hooves up! C'mon, it's my birthday,
    Shut the hell up, you should care about my party,
    you don't know me, but it is my birthday,
    Get your hooves up, and celebrate my birthday party with me!

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  • 408 weeks

    So, it's less than a month until the craziness and epicness that is NaNoWriMo. I'm really pumped for this year, as I only found out about the event on November 1st of last year, far too late to start preparing. I've got a novel idea in my head, and it's been there for close to two years now. I'm really excited to get it written down. As I will be trying to

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Good news about space · 4:43am Jul 22nd, 2014

Hey, you know those two months that I was supposed to be writing? Namely, June and July? Guess what I did instead?

I took an Astronomy class!

Now I understand all the science I'm trying to write about! This is gonna make it so much easier. I can figure out how large the Earth, Moon and Sun are for them, and how far away from each other they are, and what they are composed of, in order to make a workable planetary system with a tiny habitable world with a really low escape velocity. And I know so much more about what's out in space, and what Twilight and friends should plan for. I can even figure out how to have a lighter Solar Wind and a stronger (but not too strong!) magnetic field, so the ponies have as few obstacles as possible. After all, they're centuries behind us in terms of understanding the cosmos, but now they're gonna catch up in a matter of years!

So, yeah, this'll help. I can really get going now.

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