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    lol Pinkie!

    lol Pinkie!:yay::facehoof:

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    New User

    Hey guys! ive changed my user name i used to be Honey Jewel but i changed it to my new myoc name which is now Pixie Stick!

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    I now ship astronauts and Luna if that's even possible! lol!

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    I'm not much of a Sparity shipper i prefer AppleSpike shipper.:moustache::ajsmug: But when i saw this i just had to post this! so adorable!!!!

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    Hey everypony,
    ive been having some trouble! :( Ive made my new myoc as you might tell ive change my avatar pic. My new myoc name is PixieStick. I am having problems changing my name but i will try to work on it. Thank you

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Which Should I Do Next? · 6:19pm Jul 20th, 2014

Hi Ponyfriends. I have 5 stories and don't know which one to do first. Below I will have 5 stories with name and long description. You vote on which story I should do next.When I am done with my story Where Is Miss Cherille?that will be the day I will count up the voting's and see which story will be next.

1.Love At First Sight.-A new stallion comes to ponyville and the main six are now in love with him.Now they want this stallion all for themselves. Instead of a love triangle now it's a love heptagon.

2.I Was Born In A Apple?-When Apple Bloom asks Applejack where fillies are born Applejack tells a story how other fillies are born.
After Apple Bloom finds out were fillies are born, she starts to have nightmares.

3.Stolen Recipes.-When The Apple Family's secret scrapbook ends up getting loss,they find out that someone stole it and is selling it.Now it is up to Twilight,Rainbow Dash,Pinkie Pie,Rarity,Fluttershy,Big Mac,Granny Smith,and Apple Bloom to find out who stole the recipe in the secret scrapbook.

4.Fluttermaid.-When Fluttershy is caught doing her big secret she must explain and tell her friends that she is Fluttermaid and that she is part mermaid.But someone else was in the bushes watching and decided to kidnap her what will Fluttershy do?

5.No One Is Getting Rid Of Me!-When a new mare comes to ponyville named Honolulu Sunset wants to take the spot of Twilight by being nice to her friends.Nothing is good about Honolulu Sunset and when Twilight's friends catch her doing something bad the friends team up to try to stop Honolulu Sunset .

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Comments ( 11 )

If you have any ideas of stories for me private message me.:twilightsmile:

Between love at first sight or fluttermaid.

5...definately number 5:pinkiehappy:

2304316 i am guessing it sounds really interesting to you

2304320 Yeah, it's got a sunset shimmer feel to it:ajsmug:

Fluttermaid sounds interesting to me! :yay:

2342999 thanks for your advice tell your friends:twilightsmile:

2304405 thanks for your advice tell your friends:twilightsmile:

2302112 thanks for your advice tell your friends:twilightsmile:

2343005 I promise I will when my internet comes back. :twilightsheepish:

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