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Well this my first time at fimfiction. I'm a brony since i like My little pony friend: Friendship is magic. I hope i can get along here and make new friends. I hope.

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Sneak peak on new story · 9:02pm Jul 18th, 2014

I was think about making my own Fallout Equestria series.

I will show you guys a sneak peak of it.

"Well. About time you woke up Hana."

I gasp as I heard a voice that said my name and when I looked I saw a light dark green Alicorn looking at me and somehow I just remember him.

"G.......g......Geo? Is that you?"

Geo smiles and laughs at me. "Of course it's me Hana. And your welcome by the way, look at your wings."

I look at my wings and I gasped because both of my wings were robot wings then I look at Geo with a confused look on my face. "W......w.....What did you do to my wings and......*Gasp* What happened to you?!" I was just look shock by looking at my enemy Geo, He has both scars on both over his eyes thank Celestia his eyes were ok, I can see something on his back looks like a big gun from a battleship or so and his cutie mark has a nuclear symbol on his flank.

Geo sighed. "Well Hana. It's a long story."

Well. That's the preview of my 1 of the Fallout Equestria story I will be making.

So what do think? Is it ok?

And plus your more welcome to help me to make a Fallout Equestria story together.

So. What do you say? I really to need your help.

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That sounds great! But, I thought you writing something called the Republic Of Geonas......

2298155 I was. But I need more time to think.


Oh, just wondering.

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