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FEMALE Thor? Goddammit, Disney! · 9:31am Jul 16th, 2014

I swear, Walt would weep over what you nimrods have done to the company named after him.


No, no, NO! Goddamit, this isn't a mythology invented by some misogynistic comic book writer in the 1960s, you complete wastes of skin. This is a character lifted from the mythology of a totally different culture on a completely different continent one thousand freaking years ago or MORE! There's nothing to fix! There's nothing to correct! This is either the MALE thunder god from Norse mythology whose father is a god in Norse mythology whose brother is a trickster-god in Norse mythology who carries around a big hammer only he can pick up... or it's not. If it's not, then stop calling the character Thor. If it is, then stop the nonsense. Marvel has proven fifty bajillion killatillion times that it can make cool female characters and make them TITLE characters and make them pretty goddamn IMPORTANT. Force-feeding comic fans a completely fake, contrived, bullshit change to one of your major characters is completely unnecessary and the most idiotic thing I've seen.

Gah, I could totally go pop some caps but I don't have any caps and I don't have any pop and I NEED SODA, DAMMIT!

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Well, it's certainly a good thing that one can't "culturally appropriate" Norse mythology, because white Northern Europeans don't have the same cultural rights as Australian Aboriginies, because failing to treat white Northern Europeans with disrespect would be racist because ...

... ooh, Political Correctness just crashed my brain. Have to reboot now.

2290656 Yeah, when my Australian friend who's "in the know" told me about this, I suffered an immediate mental Blue Screen Of Death.

You know what's stupid about this? Thor actually has a wife in Norse mythology (and in Marvel Comics, depending on whether or not they're choosing to remember it this iteration). Sif.

So if they just wanted to have a Thor-themed Asgardian superheroine ...

Now excuse me. I'm going to go hang out with Applejack's older sister. You know, Big Mariah.

2292444 Hee hee hee... so your alt-gender version of Big Mac is Big Mariah, huh? Neat. :)


I just made her up but yeah -- I guess she'd be a big, beautiful, rather shy girl. Very strong.

2292877 I like it, way much.

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