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FiM Fiction Review: Awaken, Scootaloo · 2:47am Jul 16th, 2014

I would usher in the review with a remark about something that happened in the last week or commenting on the last review in hindsight, but I have nothing to say this time. This limbo is torturous. Hopping in, xjuggernaughtx’s Awaken, Scootaloo took me completely by surprise. I started reading expecting another sub-par fic desperately trying to tug at my heart string but instead was moved by a fantastic short story sporting on an awfully relatable message. Along with wonderfully done dialogue and well portrayed canon characters, I definitely recommend Awaken, Scootaloo for those of you looking for something short to read. Head below the break for my full review of Awaken, Scootaloo by xjuggernaughtx.

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Awaken, Scootaloo by xjuggernaughtx
Complete! (completed on 16th Mar 2014)

Dreams are such delicate things, and Scootaloo’s are more fragile than most.

But in Equestria, dreams are protected. Sometimes a filly just needs a helping hoof to learn how to hope again. Read it here.

Tags: Slice of Life - Rating: Everyone
6,531 words total

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Read the full review here.

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Oh, God, I've just noticed that The Origin Of Sunbutt is next in your to-do-list. :pinkiecrazy:

*chews fingernails, or what's left of them at least, in worry*

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