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Crushric, n. — A narcissistic masochist, a Southern gentleman, and snarky smartass. If you're looking for someone to disappoint you, he won't disappoint you.

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    Iron, Cold Iron

    Gold is for the mistress — silver for the maid —
    Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.
    "Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,
    "But Iron — Cold Iron — is master of them all."
    — Rudyard Kipling, "Cold Iron."

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    Jericho Plays HuniePop

    Twitch streaming, baby!

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    Saturday, September 13, 4pm

    We've decided something at Team Jericho.
    No matter what happens, we are going to release chapter 40 of Jericho at this time.
    We'll make sure it's as clean and spiffy as we can make it, but it's at this date and time that it's going live, whether we like it or not.
    So... yeah.

    United States/Canadian Eastern Standard time, that is.

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    Irrefutable Proof that I'm working on Jericho

    Your move, naysaying hamsters. I know you're out there!
    But seriously, I've been slacking off. Need to work more.
    And I got IRL!Cards to read Jericho. And I quote:

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I think my editors are trying to tell me something · 10:45am Jul 13th, 2014

From Team Jericho's personal Minecraft Server, run by Amacita.

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Comments ( 10 )

Well, he's got ya there.

This is the part wherein I fruitlessly beg you to invite me to your server.

Oh, and I think I speak for everyone when I say WRITE MOAR.

It certainly is subtle, but I think if you study it hard enough they may be trying to tell you something...

Also, are you using one of the Doku* resource packs?

Instructions weren't clear enough, got d**k stuck in ceiling fan.

The masters of subtlety, that's what they are.

Let me guess you didn't write and still played Minecraft after that? :ajsmug:

Your editors are masters of subtlety i can tell you that much. Plus you don't need to rush Jericho, we know you're working on writing two books at the moment. (Keep up the amazing work.)

"How the fuck did you get stuck up there?!"

Am I the only one wondering if Crushric has any mods installed?


I'll be over here...

2291795 Well, there are those Iron Crosses around the button texts. :raritywink: What mods he's using, like SIGAWESOME there's wondering, is the question. :rainbowderp:

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