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I need a few friends. · 7:09am Jul 13th, 2014

I need a few friend to help out along my creepy pasta story.


3-Unfortunate souls

4-Blood thirst


6-Twitchy Scarlet

Tell me which one you want to be.

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Comments ( 39 )

I be blood thirst! If that s alright.

2279478 Congratulations you got Blood thirst!
How you look: blue mane and blue eyes, red coat.
Owner: Eyeless Jack
Friends:Sally, Jeff the killer, Slendermane,Demise.
Cutie Mark: A wound that bleeds
Your story:

You where obsessed the pony body. You and your only friend would talk all about it, And other interesting things. Everypony thought you were a freak,but really you're just different. And your science teacher loved how much You are entertained. However on a certain day. You were dissecting a cows heart and taking a look inside of it. While you were doing so, You Talked to your friend about Body parts and organs and so on. After that, You were playing around with the scalpel, And accidentally cut your fried. You were lucky that the scalpel was clean, and that you didn't kill her. "Sorry buddy. I really am." You kept saying to her. Luckily she accepted your apology. And without thinking. You took a lick on the bloody scalpel. It tasted really good that you wanted more. You at midnight while your friend was sleeping, You kidnap her and took her to your basement. You cut her open to make sure you got every last drop. You were lucky she was a REALLY heavy sleeper. You drank all the blood and went to bed. The next day people began to wonder where your friend was. You were nervous that they wandered too much. You were slowly panicking in your mind. What are you going to do? Then you snapped and had an idea. "There curiosity Is getting way out of hand. It's time I put an end to their Curiosity. After all. Curiosity kills the cat." You said to yourself. You didn't go to school the next day and people began to worry. You soon got all of the people at school, and killed them by getting their blood and drinking it. You enjoyed every bit of it. And you never stopped your satisfaction.

I'd be number 3

2279485 Congratulations you got Unfortunate souls!
How you look: messy pink maine, purple coat, blue eyes.
Owner: Slenderman
Friends:Masky, Hoody, Ticci toby.
Cutie Mark: Still a blank flank
Your story:

You where hated by all of the kids everywhere you went. The adults however adored you. You had wonderful manners, and is sweet and polite. You tried your best to make friends but was always neglected. They would always make fun of you and how you were still a blank flank. They even called you a witch, or a demon just because you have Telekinesis. Your mother and father loved you like so, and always made you feel better. Except for your sister. She would always make things worse, and would always tell you to go and kill yourself. However you never did that. You accidentally used your powers to make her desk slam into her. Causing her leg to be broken. You couldn't control your powers. Your parents tried to give you therapy to calm you down. No effect. So they decided to just hang out you a lot, but gave you enough time to be by yourself when needed. You soon decided to take strolls in the Everfree forest. It was calm and relaxing in your opinion. Others thought it was a perfect place for witches and demons and other evil creatures to live in. One day while you were walking to the everfree forest form school. A bunch of kids in your class started following you. They seemed to be holding shovels. You turned around only to be hit by one. You soon woke up in a hole of some sort. "Well well well. The witch is awake guys." The leader and his gang gathered around the hole. "What are you guys doing?!?!? Get me out of here! please!" You begged. All they did was laugh and shook their heads. They soon began to place dirt in the hole you were in. You screamed and panicked trying to get out but was soon covered in complete dirt. They decided to dig you out tomorrow. But you wanted to get out NOW! so you snapped and made the dirt from under you Explode out of your way(you mane became a mess at that time). You levitated from the hole and used your telekinesis powers to Kill them by clenching there heart (AKA A heart attack) As they slowly died. You soon did the rest for all of the kids Of equestria.

2279488 Yes~ More SOULS I need more souls!:pinkiecrazy:

So I'm like a vampire?

2279495 No you just enjoy it.

Can we be more dan one?

2279500 Sorry. :fluttershysad: One get to chose once.

Okey. Dat s fine.

These ponies are sexy! :heart:

2279559 Congratulations! you are Demise.
How you look:black maine, light blue coat, purplish pinkish eyes.
Weapon: A chipped knife.
Owner: Jeff the Killer
Friend: Paranoid twilight, Pinkamena, Butchershy, Slender man.
Cutie Mark:A chipped knife with dripping blood.
Your story:

You were at school and did your usual. Get to your classes and get bullied. You thought it was foolish of them to bully you. They would call you names like 'stupid, ugly, weardo, blank flank' but one name caught your interest. they would say "You are stuck with your own little demise." For some reason you loved it. And yet you had no Idea on what It meant. So on your free time at school. You would go to the library and did something you would not normally do (even though you ended up with good grades) Study, And look up stuff. You soon found it after several tries and was wide eyed. It meant death to something or somepony (someone). You were shocked on how you use to love such a dark word. Sure you read scary stories, and watched horror films, And doodle creepy pictures. But this was horrible. You slammed the door and ran all the way home. All scared and paranoid. you locked yourself in your room and rocked yourself back and forth. "I-I can't...T-This is iNSaNe! how could I?!?" You said all terrified. The next day, you brought your fathers chipped knife for some reason. You had no idea why you did so. But you did anyways. The group of bullies called you names. Even sentences with 'Demise' in it. After several names with the word 'demise'. You loved the word again. and snapped. You got your chipped knife and killed them. You cut off their horns, chopped off their wings, Slit their throats, and stabbed them in random places. You found it so entertaining that you skipped school and prepared for your next kill. You trotted home and slowly killed your mother and father. You loved every bit of it. The screams, the blood, the beginning, EVERYTHING! So you started your first killing spree without being caught.

2279975 2-Scrapes 5-Cyberspace 6-Twitchy Scarlet.

2279979 Scrapes looks sad... I'll be scrapes. :heart:

2280049 Congratulations you got Scrapes!
How you look: Magenta maine, grey coat, orangish yellowish eyes with a bandage in the other.
Weapon: Sticks and Stones
Friend: Lil' Miss Rarity, Pinkamena, Rainbow factory.
Owner: Masky
Cutie Mark:A blood covered rock with a bandage hanging off the side.
Your story:

Your life was a living hell. You were bullied everywhere you go. And you hated it. Even your parents physically abuse you. If you were lucky (which is all the time They would stop at some point, or you would be able to escape and run to your room. At school, The kids would hit you with sticks and stones. They would always leave you with bruises. This went on for your entire life. And you wanted it to all stop. One day you decided to take a stroll in the everfree forest until the group of bullies came holding sticks and stones. Your instincts told you to run, and you did so. You ran as fast as you could. They were running too. They really wanted to hurt you. It wasn't long until you tripped on a rock yourself. They caught up to your limping body and attacked you with the sticks and stones. This kept going on until one rock slammed on one of your eye. You screamed in pain. Crying and bleeding. You ran all the way home, and ignored to say hello to your mother, and father and rushed to the bathroom. You cleaned your blood and put a bandage around your eye. You went to bed early and skipped dinner, and cried yourself to sleep in bed. The next morning you weren't yourself. You had snapped in your sobbing moment. Your anger had taken over and you wanted revenge. "Mommy, Daddy, can I go outside please?" you asked in the most sweetest and politest voice ever. They didn't care so you went outside. You gathered some sticks and stones and knocked on the door smiling. Your father opened the door first, and you slammed all of the stones at your fathers face. your father was lying on the floor. Face covered in bruises and swollen eyes. You did to your mother and smiled at the masterpiece. "That was fun Mommy and Daddy. But you look like you're about to die." they begged and pleaded to spare their lives. and asked what have they had ever done to you."What have you done? why you beated me up. Now lets put you out of your misery." You got two big rocks and prepared to kill them. "Don't worry. You'll just go to hell." You smiled and slammed the rockies to their heads. The sound was beautiful and there blood was beautiful. You smiled and walked off like nothing had ever happened. you soon did the same to the bullies, however you used the sticks to gabbe into their nose, mouth, and eyes. Once you were done, You wanted more.

Goddammit they're all mares!


Also, are you asking us to pick them for something?

2280403 I asking people to chose. They'll be in my story.

2280323 I was going to make a stallion. :twilightsheepish:

I'm a Twitchy Scarlet Poni!

2280455 CONGRATULATIONS you got Twitchy Scarlet!
How you look: Red mane, white coat, one eye read and the other blue.
Weapon:An Ax (or two if needed)
Friends:Pinkamena, Paranoid twilight, Butchershy, Rainbow factory.
Owner: Ticci Toby
Cutie Mark: Two axes in an X form with blood
Your story:

You were born with a beloved mother and a abusive father. You were born with two different color eyes. one was blue and one was red. The blue eye would always twitch whenever you had a negative feeling. You also could not feel pain. Your father wanted a boy so he would always physically abused you. Your mother on the other hand was always a sweetheart to you. She would always do whatever you wanted with no questions asked. At school was no help ither. All the kids would call you Twitchy Scarlet. You honestly wanted your original name Scarlet. The teachers would be on your side, but you soon caught them making fun of you while they were by themselves. You absolutely hated the fact that you were stuck like this. You tried to make some friends by being super hyper, and energetic, and Always happy. But deep down you were desperate, depressed, and broken. You would lock yourself away in your room so you won't be bothered. "Scarlet, may I please come in?" Your mother asked. "No thank you mother. I just want to be alone for a while please." You said while doodling your feelings. It was you killing your enemies. Once you were done you sighed and went to bed. Ignoring dinner. You woke up he next morning, and you didn't want to go to school. So you walked up to your mother and asked. "Mother, can I please not go to school today? All of the kids will bully me again." All your mother did was smile and agree. While your father on the other hoof..."AW HELL NO! SCARLET IS GOING TO SCHOOL AND THAT IS FINAL!" Your fathered yelled."She is being bullied. It is best if she skipped today so she won't commit suicide!" Your mother said in a partly calm and party yelling toan. "I DON'T CARE! DOES IT LOOK LIKE I F***ING CARE?!?" Your father yelled back. And with that he B*tch slapped your mother. You were shocked and tried to stop it. But was Punched by your dad. You felt nothing and decided to stop him. Now he decided to beat the life out f you bet was stopped by your mother. She told you to go to your room and lock it just in case. You did as you were told and cried in bed. You were scared for your mothers life. You decided to draw a picture of you chopping off your fathers head with an ax. You went to sleep and hugged the journal that explains your feelings in pictures. The next morning you had enough of your father. You went to your basement and grabbed the biggest and sharpest Ax. You walked up to your dad who was in the kitchen. And Stabbed him straight in the back. Blood poured everywhere. He tried to fight back but lost both of his two front hooves. "Now now then. We don't want to make this harder than it is now do we?" you said and laughed psychopathic while your blue eye twitched. You then hacked him into several pieces. once you were done with your masterpeace. You stared at it for a long period of time until you heard a scream. It was your mother. You were so Traumatized that you had no choice. " I'm sorry mother. But two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." You said. And with that. You chopped off your mothers head. You then ran into the woods and cried. but for some reason. You wanted To see more beautiful dead bodys. And you did starting with the school.

2280463 Awesoooooome!
Did you come up with all these stories yourself? And the ponies?

Cyber space is my last one you can chose.

2280483 They're all amazing! I love them all!
Though I have to say I don't know who Ticci Toby is

2280503 Well he's definitely new to me! I'll look him up later.
I'm kinda inspired now, to make my own OC into something evil. Then maybe he'll have a purpose


I LOVE IT :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Can I have Demise as an OC? :pinkiehappy:

I love her story concept and character so much :heart::heart:

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