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DJ Flamingskull809 is so cool he's my other brother he actually turbo friend outside he really nice too got to meet him. Happy Now, Loves everyone now, Don't touch my warlord artemis lao. Still shy

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RP...? · 3:55am Jul 13th, 2014

Kinda...L-Lonely. Also Needs... To be In Pm.

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Might want to edit that so they know to do it in Private Messages.

I will if you want

Im good for most of tomorrow? :3

2279125 :D You want me to start it wait. :rainbowhuh:
What kind of RP are we doing?

2279129 I'm good with anything :twilightsmile:

2279130 I don't know what to chose. :raritycry:

2279138 What kind of rp do you feel like doing at the moment?:rainbowhuh:

2279155 Hmm one of my weak points!:raritydespair:

2279181 Sure I don't see anything wrong with that :pinkiehappy:

I'd love to. If you're still wanting too... When would you want to RP?

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