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  • 519 weeks
    Really Bad News....

    I'm swiching internet providers as Bell Canada is being a duche-bag right now. I'll be swiching over to cogeco. I won't be online for a few days (Maybe even a week) to switch my internet.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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  • 519 weeks
    Well I'm F**ked!

    I just.. I don't even... I don't know how to explain this to you guys but.... well I could show you. Just read This.

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  • 519 weeks
    What Luna did for 1000 years


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  • 519 weeks
    FREE BEER!!!

    Now that I have your attention please answer this question. ^^

    Are there any good sprite based MLP FiM webcomics?

    The key thing here is it has to be a SPRITECOMIC

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  • 519 weeks
    Looking for ideas for a HiE

    I'll be waiting on the chat for anyone who is interested.

    type in

    /join #thefarsideofequestria

    to chat with me and swap ideas.

    NOTE: I might be late.

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Stories are on hiatus · 11:21pm Jun 4th, 2012

Stress plays a big part in this. Also I can't seem to find the motavation to coninue writing.

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155018 Writers block, stress about you know who, and I tired of writing fictions for the moment.

155021 bro I'll just let you know when they implement that new reporting system kk ^^

155034 No need I sent the links to all his nasty comments to wanderer D, in the guise of a personal friend of brandsca.

would a pinkie pie party help at all i have the party canon right here

155073 I just need some time off, thats all. Also I'm still looking for people to join the group I made called opinions. Spread the word and get more members if you want.

Take a load off. This is meant to be fun, not work.

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