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An Unhindered Response I, to: Sun Ray [Rant] · 7:55pm Jun 4th, 2012

I'm doing today's entry early because I got a very intriguing comment on my story's EQD page. And since I'm sure I would run out of character space over there, I'll post my in-depth and totally harmless response here. Because, let's face it, since this guy commented publicly, he won't mind if I reply. Publicly.

Spoilers are within. You have been warned.

So here we go. In response to Sun Ray and his comment on my story, I have this to say:


Sun Ray said...
"Alucard... really?
Unless this is a crossover then you should be ashamed of your lack of originality. I'll overlook this since the story is so interesting."

I'm sorry, is there a problem with me using a name given to me by my co-author? You seem to forget that this is a team effort by two authors who know exactly what they're doing, and that also applies, naturally, to character names and personas. You seem to assume that, because Cyros' OC shares the name as a good number of films, games, and at least two animes, we "lack originality." Begging your pardon, sir, but I fail to see how this is warranted. Just because the character's name is Alucard, I should feel shame?

I think not. In fact, I'm quite proud of what my friend and I have reared into the world and where it has taken us. If I feel any shame, it's that I cannot meet the subtle demands of my followers - the ones who can openly appreciate the work that Cyros and I have put into this fiction.

Just so you know, as a personal view, I don't see the appeal in crossovers, period. Sure, it may be exciting to see two worlds become one and the characters in each react to each other, but seriously, what originality is there to be had through this? You take the developed characters in two worlds, throw them into some haphazardly-begotten conflict, and watch as they bounce their personalities off one another. Good for humor, bad for plot. No, I don't do crossovers, so please don't insult me by assuming I should just to save face.

Oh, let's also focus on how you claim I should be ashamed for my supposed "lack of originality," then go right on to say you'll overlook the name because the story is so interesting. Did you...have you even bothered to read any of the story so far? Devoted readers will know that the Alucard in my story is nothing at all like the Alucards in commercial media. Hell, the only similarity is the name, and it goes no deeper. You claim I should be ashamed, yet say you'll continue on because your interest is piqued? You're on two sides of the river, sir, and you're all wet as a result. Best choose one shore before you drown.

I honestly don't know where this has come from. This supposed "lack" of originality, because of a simple name, is completely unfounded. I can tell you right now, there are facts about Cyros' character that I haven't revealed, because they add nothing to the story. Alucard? His actual name is Yin, but he calls himself Alucard because of his dark and sadistic nature. He's the split-personality of the character Yang, who goes by G. Their cutie mark is a full Yin-Yang symbol, and they two are completely different characters. Can any of the cut-and-dried Alucards of today make that claim?

Even so, where is this "lack" of originality? When I look through my chapters, acts, and plot devices that I have planned, I have some very interesting and adventurous events in line. A fresh conflict with bound magic, creative crises in the attack during the tryouts as well as the assault on Ponyville, a daunting climax while Alucard brings his assault to Canterlot, underlying battles within the characters as they fight each other, drastic development with each character's personality, Rainbow's fall from grace and her struggle to recover, hidden meanings behind virtues...the list goes on. And in that list, not a single mention of "Alucard drinks blood" is seen! Imagine that.

"Lack of originality?" *Ahem* May I humbly call bullshit, sir?

By all means, overlook the name of a character because you feel the story is better without him. Overlook the effort put into him and his actions. Overlook all he has done in the story, and please remember to overlook his coming storm. I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy the story while you're overlooking all these vital, original details.

In the meantime, I'll feel free to overlook your supposed input. I know what I'm doing, Cyros knows what he's doing, and we don't intend to stop because of some petty claim that we should feel ashamed. And we'll do our best to keep the story interesting for you - because, apparently, you know best.

My sincere apologies, sir, but I find myself feeling no shame for what Cyros and I have wrought. What else do you have to say?



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Q used Explosion!

It's murderously effective!

Opponent Sun Ray dies forever.

Trainer Leoshi receives $678 for winning.

Ace Trainer Sato steals $578 for narrating!

Trainer Leoshi receives $100 for not self-narrating.

154880 A hundred bucks? I can't feed my imaginary penguin mob family on a c-note! I demand more not-narration work! :raritydespair:

...wait, by that logic, I've been doing that job all my life! Where's HR? I need to cash in my retro. :raritystarry:


Silly Q, you can't narrate your own pokemon battle! What a ridiculous notion!

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