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    A Nice Thing To Wake Up To

    Morning all!

    You know, these days I'm largely writing for myself. Which is to say, I'm no longer hugely concerned with getting as many views as possible. Story ideas occur in my head, and I write them out because I enjoy the satisfaction of them being transcribed into reality where other people may also read them. Ten people, ninety people, a thousand, honestly it's inconsequential.

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    How Things Are

    Phew. It's been a minute, huh guys?

    At this point, I'm not even especially sure how many people will read this. But there's some therapeutic gains to be had by getting thoughts written down, so here we go. An update. If you're reading, here, have a cookie.

    Hooray! Nutrition!

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    Not Dead

    What the title says. Sorry about the sudden unexplained hiatus, and obvious issue regarding the lack of a certain fic I was meant to upload. Something tantamount to an explanation this time next week, at the moment I'm still figuring things out and trying to find my feet.

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    The Final Countdown

    So. On The Rocks. Out tomorrow.

    Hope you guys enjoy it, and I also hope it's worth the wait. The actual submitting for review may be a bit later than I'd hoped, as I need to stay a few extra hours at work tomorrow (le sigh) but it will be posted sometime tomorrow night. You guys ready for this?

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  • 477 weeks
    Gracious in Defeat. Honest.

    So that obvious cheat lovely chap Blueshift won the UKofE writing contest for the first month! Am I annoyed? YES! A little, have a photo of me balancing plushies on my head. It cheered me up.

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Fan Art. No, like, for real. · 11:40pm Jul 9th, 2014

So when a certain Rootbeer Dew commented on my art blog post a while back, stating that he may actually do some art for me, my initial reaction was basically along the lines of "It's a nice sentiment, but I'm not exactly deserving of free art. He'll probably forget all about it tomorrow.", so I commented saying how nice it would be. Well, I actually said "I will shower thee in love and cookies." but you get the idea. I doubted that I'd ever see it, because... well, self esteem problems. Eh. I just don't feel like I've done much in ways of earning fan art.

And then I got this in a PM.

Well. A promise is a promise.

But in all honestly, Rootbeer, thank you. It's amazing that you've put the time and effort into this work. I'm not sure what piece of work of mine it is that made you feel like I earned this effort, but whatever I've done to deserve this, I feel privileged that you voluntarily made this for me.

Okay, enough sappy stuff. I can't do sappy for two blog posts in a row without feeling sweet and icky.


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Getting fan art is always nice. I've got a spot on my userpage dedicated to the stuff I've got and/or paid someone to draw.

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