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Back on writing · 11:10pm Jun 29th, 2014

After thinking for a while I took the decision that the chapter 5 of Far for the Light is what I'm going to try to write next, to try to leave this writer's block. It's been half a year since the last time I updated that story, I hope you guys haven't forgotten it and I hope that I haven't forgotten how to write it.

Anyway, I re-read the four chapters of the story and the first think I thought was, Wow I really wrote this? This is good! I can say that I got caught by my own story. Yeah, but I mean because of the plot because the writing is awful. I'll start writing the next chapter as soon as possible, not right now because I have a slight headache, but first I think I need some help. If some one have some edition skills and wants to help me to improve my story It would be greatly appreciated.

Now, to compensate you for the wait I'll tell you a secret about this story. The concept of the story, the title and part of the description (I'm bad at descriptions) was inspired by a song. A beautiful one, by the way.

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Comments ( 9 )

I actually want you to work on 'Far for the Light', I just read it and I realized it is way better than Sweet Note.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

And you just needed another blog to finally read it. :rainbowlaugh:
But yeah, after I re-read it I realized that that story can't stop there, although I'm not sure how to proceed. :unsuresweetie:

2244339 Use the Schwartz and figure it out. I'll go get the Winnebago.

Here, look at the manual because we need to hitch a trailer:

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Also, if you don't get my reference, I will make you comb the desert.

I... I don't get it... :derpyderp1::scootangel:

2244440 2244427

You're going to have to cut Midnight some slack. He's not American, so some references are kind of hit-and-miss.

And you are welcome to my editing skills as long as you need them. Though I understand if you are not satisfied with my work so far.

2245844 I would cut midnight slack, but he knows that if I did that things wouldn't be as entertaining. Also, I knew he was from Vz for ages. I do stuff like that to mess with him all the time.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Are you kidding? You're a great editor. My stories were really horrible before you made them readable.
I would love to have you by my side again, I just didn't ask you because I wasn't sure if you were busy or not.

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