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  • 5 weeks

    A vicious windstorm just launched a full size barbecue across our whole yard. Jeese

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  • 11 weeks

    Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow....last night I suffered an instance of lockjaw, which is something I have on occasion since a very long time ago a back tooth came in straight sideways so I needed jaw surgery, but this one..felt like someone took a hammer to the side of my face. I was writing and just BLAM.. nearly fell out of my chair. My head is still panging off and on even now, oh dear heavens.

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  • 14 weeks
    A while ago

    This might just be a little venting-ish. A good family friend died some time back. It was traumatic and horrible and it really struck everyone very badly. I myself did not know him too well, but I do know he was a great guy. It hit home very pointedly that bad things can happen incredibly quickly. It also highlights the point that one should not put off whatever one desires to try and do or they

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  • 18 weeks

    Somehow both my main and my backup mouse managed to break in one day apart from each other. Haha. I did order one some time ago but do not know when it will arrive. I am using an extremely difficult to actually..use mini hold trackball which for some reason has buttons like, reversed or just plainly weirdly set making it even more hard to use. Hah

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  • 28 weeks

    I am literally at this moment in an area under a tornado alert. The rain is nearly horizontal.. Quite a sight I must say. Here I was trying to write and suffering power dips instead. Haha. The city of Barrie has already suffered severe damage from this. We are far elsewhere, but the rainfall is terrifically intense regardless. What fun

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The story of a horse that put me in a tree once · 4:39am Jun 28th, 2014

You may find this amusing. I hadn't thought about it in many years. A long time ago I decided to go horseback riding with family members. It was a beautiful day on a far off trail ranch. We rented some time with a riding instructor. I'd never been before but it was surprisingly easy and the horse I was given was a very friendly one. Everything went well for most of the day. It was quite beautiful and sprawling there with plenty of trail to ride on. Sunny and very clear it was.

I was sort of just following the other riders and all seemed well. We had stopped at a little running stream section that flowed through the place which was quite convenient for horses to cross and drink from. After allowing a little rest we headed up the other side and I was just enjoying the nice ride and outdoors. I swear I did not look away for more than a few seconds and my horse for some reason decided that instead of following the group as usual wandered off to the right and I suddenly found myself dismounted by a branch to the gut which left me hanging over the space where my horse used to be as she wandered on ahead completely oblivious to the fact she was now riderless. I hung there for a good ten minutes because if I had simply let go I would surely have been severely scratched and possibly broken a leg because of other branches. Horses are BIG powerful animals and some are quite tall. Eventually the instructor got back to me and helped me down after a few minutes of deciding how best to do so.

You may now enjoy the mental image of me dangling helplessly over it, clinging for dear life to a fairly thin tree limb that could barely support my weight for ten minutes.

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