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    We can only hope.

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Twenty Facts about Eight · 10:40pm Jun 26th, 2014

Stormblaze tagged me for this on DeviantArt. So here. Twenty Facts about me, of which three are false. Which three? See if you can guess...

1. In my house, my brother is referred to as ‘The Twat’, a name that was imagined up by my mother.
2. The infamous dog joke from ‘Scotchtavia’ was also imagined up by my mother.
3. I once broke my wrist in a go kart accident.
4. I was once thrown out of a Tesco supermarket for putting My Little Pony stickers on a load of meat products.
5. I was once thrown out of a Toys ‘r Us for riding a bike into a Hot Wheels display stand.
6. After drinking half a cider, I totalled my car that I’d only owned for two weeks.
7. My childhood fear is horse riding.
8. I own the slowest laptop ever made by mankind. Never buying anything from Samsung again!
9. I apparently do a half-decent Granny Smith impression.
10. Never once have my travels taken me outside of Europe.
11. Massive Whovian, I am.
12. I’ve never seen any of the original Star Wars trilogy.
13. Me and my friends once sang ‘In the Air Tonight’ at Comic Con as Mike Tyson walked past us.
14. I’ve been living in my overdraft for about a year now.
15. I like to scare people on planes by going “What was that? I heard a crack!”
16. One of my other fears is spiders. Ew.
17. I could never pronounce the word ‘moustache’ when I was young. I used to say ‘musk-a-tash’ instead.
18. My dream is to drive a classic American muscle car the full length of Route 66.
19. I don’t hate Applejack, but I’m not fond of her either.
20. I own more nerdy t-shirts than I can keep track of.

I'mma also tag Nonagon, Cyneryk, and NewKidOnTheBlock. Have fun, and good guessing!


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Comments ( 3 )

Aw, dangit.

6, 15, and 11.

u wot m8?


Well, I guess I gotta do this now. I wonder if I can do it without being depressing.

Edit: Did it!

Do you know what you should do? Bring some heavy duty nuts and bolts/electrical cable to a theme park, and just before it leaves or when it has left, pretend to pick them up or 'find' them, turn to the person next to you, hold them up to them and say 'do these look important to you?' They get very scared for the rest of the rollercoster. I also got kicked out for this.

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