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Dat monster hunting pony

I used to be a hater but then I took a friendship to the knee. I'm glad I took dat friendship!

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    A big Thank-you to all of the people who follow me. I never thought I would reach 10 let alone 20 followers so once again a big thank-you to all of you!

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    Im leaving fimfiction......

    for a couple days to at most a month because my internet is really bad so im getting a different type of connection. Now if it takes more then a week I will give an update when im at a place with free wi-fi.

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What would you like to see in season 5 of MLP · 8:44am Jun 21st, 2014

I personally would like to see Queen Chrysalis and/or King Sombra return In season 5.Cuz I just have the feeling King Sombra is not dead same goes with Queen Chrysalis cuz with Sombra if my memory is correct his horn survived getting blasted away from the crystal empire so he maybe able to regenerate and with Chrysalis she and all the changelings also got blasted away so they might still be alive I don't know.I would also like to see Nightmare rarity from the Mlp fim comics!

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I'd like to see an episode were the CMC get their cutie marks! :pinkiehappy:
Also, the return of King Sombra like you said. That villain is just oozing for potential.

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