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One Year, Six Days. · 11:35pm Jun 12th, 2014

Might as well just write one now. It's very unlikely that any of my classmates regularly check my blog posts on a MLP website. At least, they've probably stopped by now.

I am really lazy, apparently. I knew that I made my account in June because that's what my profile said, but I never checked my email for the actual verification date. Thus, I missed it by six days.

With that, I can declare my account one year old. No one will probably care, but I think a story of the inception of my interest in pony would be fitting.

Once upon a time, back when I was a 7th grader, I signed up for a class that would drastically affect my education: Latin I. I'm still not quite sure how much, but I'm fairly certain it has been for the better. In that class I sat in the chair two rows from the door and four seats from the front. In front of me was a girl whom I had never talked to before and behind me was someone I knew from some after-school activities. He dropped out the following day after getting the syllabus. Class total was nine students.

In the years following, in regards to MLP, I had barely graced the surface. I frequently visited a site which often involved ponies, but I never was interested in it. Fast forward to year 2012, and I was on a bus going to a competition in Orlando, Florida. About a 15 hour drive. One of the more memorable moments is when the girl I had met in Latin class started making references to pony, all of a sudden. I can remember Rarity's "wallow in whatever ponies wallow in" and "20% cooler" and my confusion. I had no idea what was going on, though, and I dropped it for a year.

In the year after that, I found pony through several YouTube videos. I thought the first video was interesting, even though I knew nothing about the scenes. Got chills when watching the sonic rainboom, for some reason. The second video was one of the first instances of a me listening to a pony song, and I thought it was really actually quite good.

After listening to the music, I realized that MLP has a whole division of bronies to whom I had given less credit that they deserved. After that school year, I indulged in watching the seasons. I found I liked all the episodes, except for the AppleRarity fighting/oh you're not so bad episodes. I found those uninteresting, for some reason. I finally got all the references, "all the things the cool kids understood," as the girl in Latin II class said.

After all of this, I found interest in the art. It was amazing stuff. Each piece was creative and enjoyable in their own way. One of the many forms of art I saw was an ask Tumblr. Ask Mafia Octavia. It was interesting. A cool concept was blended with an enjoyable story-telling technique. This, however, led me to FIMFiction somehow. I think my first story that I read may have been Unknown, by Divide the Storyteller a.k.a. Divide a.k.a. A Simple Storyteller. Now it's gone, but it was an incomplete HIE. Nothing really interesting about it. One of the first shipping stories I read was also a HIE. She's a Pony, He's a Human. Imagine my disappointment when I realized the story was not written by the author for posted it. Two of the first few stories of Octavia I read were Uni Days and A Puppet To Her Fame. I enjoyed both immensely.

I had initially begun my account on Fimfiction as an author and based my first story off of the first HIE story. I couldn't bring myself to finish it. I took it down and gave that up after like six months. During that period I had been helping authors like Kaidan preread their stories. Nothing serious or worth crediting, but fun all the same. Because of that, I decided to become an editor. When I started, it wasn't too hard. I started off easy, with fics that held low expectations. Personally, I think that taking a Latin class for two years has helped with that.

At this time I was in an editor's Skype chat and everything. The first story that I edited was Spike's Temporary Stay. It wasn't the easiest story to edit, though, as (No offense to B_25) it contained a lot of mistakes throughout the story. However, editing through the story filled with random mistakes helped me a lot. I would have never thought consciously about some of the mistakes I needed to correct in his story, and I thank him for that. After a slew of stories throughout 2013, I met some nice editors, including someone named Selbi, whom I give much adoration to. I first met Selbi when he added me to Kaidan's Dollhouse chat. I actually called him accidentally, if I remember correctly. Anyway, I think I had the most notable relation to him through Aragon, currently my favorite author for one shot comedy. Somehow, the first story I edited for Aragon made it to EQD. Pure luck, as with the second time. His writing ability trumps any help my editing may provide.

Hopefully this Summer will be productive. I'm taking the ACT in two days, kinda nervous about that. I'll be going to a camp next week, so that'll be fun. EDIT: Wow. I just got an email, saying that due to power outages, the test date has been rescheduled. That means I have to cancel going to camp then, in case the reschedule date falls on a camp day.

Total numbers of bronies I know in real life? Two as of now.

Remember, all the other authors write better blog posts than me.

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Interesting blog post. I guess your journey wasn't as crazy as my own, but it doesn't have to be. Keep on being you, my friend. And good luck with the ACT. Here is some advice:

Skim the reading section. Do not read it all. You don't have time. Try and go as fast as you can on everything else. You don't know a question? Guess. It's your only chance, really. If you are low on time and have a shit ton of things left to answer, just fill in stuff. If you still haven't done that after time is called, and you don't have a Procter that walks around (well, even then, I could manage it), fill them in real fast before you start the section you are on.

The test is stupid. It doesn't actually test your intelligence; rather, it tests how fast you can take a test and answer them correctly, which is stupid. I could take the test and do better if I had more time for each test. Not infinite, but more than 30 or 45 minutes. It's stupid.

And with that, good luck. And happy anniversary.

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