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i like zoophobia and every character in it :3(except for rusty)

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I need your oc for my story · 3:10pm Jun 9th, 2014

Hey you guys im looking for some oc for my story and I need your help so send me some of your oc and i write back if your oc is choosen for my story here is the rules

1. it must be any type of pony: unicorn, Pegasus, earth pony, or alicorn

2.if you have a OC that is not a pony that counts as well

here are the roles for the oc



3.dream teller


To send your oc just email it to me on hotmail or gmail or deviant art

my email: www.jo4123401@hotmail.com

deviant art name:same thing as my fimfic name

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Soo... What are the qualifications for these OCs and what role would they fill? :duck:


the qualifications for the OCs is

1.need to be any type of pony or anything that comes up to mind

for the role just choose what you want It doesn't matter:twilightsmile:

2209240 Ultimately, it's your story, and you should pick a role for the submitted characters so nobody can throw a wrench in your plans. Anyways, I'll get some sketches scanned once I pick an OC.

2209298 ok as you read my info i'm a noob writer:twilightblush:


yes you are now a proof reader welcome aboard:twilightsmile:

2209346 Level up!

Seriously though, I'll do my best.

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