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  • 312 weeks
    Bumping for an Update

    Just bumping my readers for updates to Resuscitatio's TVTropes pages. It's been awhile since they were updated and I was just hoping they'd come alive again. There's nothing greater than seeing that those pages were updated, and they really help to light a fire under my literary ass!

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  • 337 weeks
    Marching steadily forwards!

    Back again with another chapter and a renewed request! I'm still looking for an artist with whom I can conjure up a graphic rendition of my story and I'm willing to listen to anyone who steps up to try and fill the position. If you're interested, PM me and we'll see if we can hash anything out.

    And with that, I'm off again. Read, comment, like, TVTrope, the whole nine yards.


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  • 338 weeks
    Back again!

    Hello faithful readers, Xomniac here! Sorry for the latest pause, school and writer's block are both absolutely horrible! I hope you enjoyed the latest chapter!

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  • 350 weeks

    Oh yeah! WOOT! WOOT! That is how you write a chapter! Ungh! Yeah! I am AMPED! Almost five straight hours of work! WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW! WOO!

    Seriously though, enjoy!

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  • 351 weeks
    From Paragraphs to Panels

    As I'm sure a few of you have already noticed, I've had a rather positive reaction to a certain comment on the latest chapter of Resuscitato.

    Specifically, this one right here by Alpha Damage:

    Welp, R.I.P. Shining. Btw Xomniac, do you want me to find an artist to make a comic out of this story?

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A moment of silence and respect. · 3:46pm Jun 4th, 2014

Yesterday, on June 3rd, 2014, TgTfProductions, died due to bloodloss. He was an incredible writer, and an even greater friend. I know I wouldn't even be half as far as I am in Resuscitatio without his invaluable help. I would like to ask my readers to go to the post detailing his passing in order to pay their respects.


Thank you.

Report Xomniac · 564 views · Story: Resuscitatio Artium Magicarum ·
Comments ( 6 )

... well damn. Despite any falling-outs we may have had, his friends and family have my condolences. :ajsleepy:

Comment posted by Worgen1607 deleted Jun 9th, 2014

I haven't prayed in fifteen years, but tonight I'm going to pray for our fallen friend, and his family.

My deepest condolences:fluttershysad:

Now i'm all sad and depressed

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