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MLP review: Sonic Rainboom · 2:08am Jun 4th, 2014

Okay, ready for a ton of Top Gun jokes? Sorry, but that episode's later on. Plus, haven't seen Top Gun in a few years. Instead it's time to break barriers and achieve the impossible as we hit a...

Sonic Rainboom
We open with a jaunty tune and Dash flying in, going over something that Fluttershy's apparently learned. Loss of control, screaming and hollering and passion. It sounds way dirtier than it should. :D No, they're the elements of a good cheer! Hmm, quite a way's away from the Elements of Harmony. We all know this one. Yay. Yay. "LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yay. Too loud? Absolutely perfect. :D

We come back to Dash on a cloud. We see Fluttershy down below for a brief 'yay' and I grin. Dash inhales, but isn't waiting to exhale as she springboards off a cloud-complete with 'sproing' sound effect' and zooms off! She narrates about her routine. She weaves around some tall trees, done rather expertly. She speeds by Fluttershy, who is again diabeetus-cute. Dash flies up and begins spinning around clouds, turning them. Great animation, too. Now phase three, and the Sonic Rainboom is named. She flies up for a bit and then dives. A pressure wave is forming in front of her, but the engines cannae' take no more!

Okay, tangent? I do wanna write a TOS?FIM crossover one day. It would take place during year four of the five-year mission. Starfleet Command sends Kirk and the Enterprise to the Equestrian System to negotiate opening up diplomatic channels, but because this is in the Neutral Zone with the Organians the Klingons send Kang from Day of the Dove, so there's some respect between the two captains. Celestia and Luna tell them to play nice or else. And it goes from there.

Also, Scotty's probably my... third-favorite Star Trek character. I love Relics. :D Anyway, back to the review!

The shockwave literally bounces Dash back like a rubber band. I have no words, but dammit it was funny. We cut to Golden Oaks and they've finished reshelving every single book. The set-up is so obvious it almost hurts. Twilight had a 'crazy weekend of studying'. I would never describe studying as 'crazy'. And on cue Dash flies in and wrecks the place. And right on cue Fluttershy flies in and cheers her on. Perfect. Timing! "Woo-hoo!" But no, Fluttershy. Your cheering did not do that. Dash apologizes, alright. She then berates Fluttershy's cheering. Bad form, Dash! You're the one who got snapped back by... something. Dash does a semi-clumsy infro-drop that she'd want the others to go to Cloudsdale to compete in the Best Young Flyer Competition. Twilight asks what that is, and somehow Pinkie knows what it is. To be fair, the name's pretty indicative. Applejack would like to go, and so would Dash like for them to go. Fluttershy's cheering is subpar and she looks sad. Boo, Dash!

Pinkie suddenly jumps up and says she wishes she could see Dash perform a Sonic Rainboom. Twilight asks what that is. I ask how Pinkie knew what it is. Pinkie says she needs to get out more and... I agree with her. Why am I agreeing with Pinkie so much?! She explains when a pegasus gets going so fast, a sonic boom and rainbow happen all at once! She leaps down and sends more books flying. Applejack says Dash was the only pony to pull it off.

Dash is actually kinda modest saying it was a long time ago. But she BSes a bit that she's the greatest flyer to come out of Cloudsdale and could do sonic rainbooms in her sleep. Yeah, right. She exposits the grand prize for the competition is an entire day with the Wonderbolts. A dream come true! Fluttershy even cheers! Okay, didn't remember her cheering at the end, there. Cute and funny. Dash says she's gonna rest up, but tells Fluttershy to keep practicing. She needs a cheering section to match her 'spectacular' performance. Boo! She flies off, and Fluttershy says Dash has never come close to doing it. She doesn't know if she can cheer loud enough. I don't know if Dash is skilled enough to pull it off. At least at this juncture I wouldn't. ;) And she flies off.

Twilight says they'd better get this cleaned up. Again. I feel for her. And Rarity literally pokes her in the ass with her horn. Literally. Wow. She tells Twilight to find a spell to get wingless ponies into Cloudsdale. With her eye for detail, she spotted Dash's nervousness. Applejack says how... boastful she was. ;) Rarity says they've got to be there for her!

Rarity, ladies and gentlemen, at her finest! Give her a round of applause! I am between typing this. Literally, too.

And she butt-bumps Twilight into the wall. Again, literally. Man, it's weird the shit you forget about when watching these older episodes. Twilight complains about finding a flight spell int his mess. Pinkie finds one. Because. No, wait. There is an explanation. It landed on her face. Okay, good show, show! It's a spell that will allow earth ponies to fly for three days. Looks difficult, too. She's not sure she can do it. Oh, how... ironic? Don't you think? Rarity says she must try. She even volunteers to be the test subject. Rarity, again, good on you. Twilight grunts, Rarity's encircled by magic, looking a bit unsure nbow that it's happening. A little globe flies from Twilight's horn. I've read that there's a split-second image of Rarity with the wings, but I've never been able to discern it. Twilight flies back, and suddenly we're in a discotheque. And Rarity's floating in midair. "I think it worked!" Either that or Blondie's about to start singing!

We come back from commercial and Fluttershy and Dash are flying along, Dash telling Fluttershy to speak up. As they do, Cloudsdale comes into view. And it looks gorgeous! It's a city in the clouds, but no Lando. Aww.

Ditzy flies by. It's just... the imagery is beautiful. They land in front of some stallions in hard hats. These are rather generic bullies. I know they have names, but I don't care enough to look them up. They mock Dash, because they're generic bully characters. They taunt Dash about getting kicked out of flight school, and Dash pointedly says she didn't get 'kicked' out. They keep on being assholes and my anger is rising. They call the Sonic Rainboom an old mare's tale. Fluttershy suddenly gets assertive... for about five seconds. Then she apologizes. Face, meet palm. But she keeps on. Well, two steps forward, one step back. Baby steps, everyone.

The bullies fly off, leaving Dash's spirits in tatters. Fluttershy tries to cheer her up, but saying just because she's failed a hundred-thousand times in practice, doesn't mean you won't be able to in front of an entire stadium full of impatient, super-critical sportsfan ponies is NOT a good thing to say Flutters. Dash has a semi-epic freakout, even thinking Celestia will banish her to the Everfree Forest. Ah, so Twilight's not the only one to have insane Celestia-related fantasies about banishment!

Fluttershy says, "Rare" and Dash continues. Aww, Freakout! Then she articulates and Dash turns to see Rarity with butterfly wings, flying! Kinda like a Flutter pony, actually.

She's a bit fond of the wings, insert 'water is wet' joke. :p Dash and Fluttershy are open-mouth shocked, naturally. Rarity says 'we' couldn't leave their favorite flyer without a big cheering section. And like the Enterprise in the Mutara Nebula, the Friendship Balloon rises through the clouds! I own that toy. Pinkie leaps out, Dash cries out for her to wait, but Pinkie makes a perfect four-hoof landing! Then the rest jump out. We get confirmation that only pegasus ponies can walk on clouds. Turns out the wing spell was too difficult, so Twilight found an easier spell that lets them walk on clouds. Okay, Twilight? That's pretty damned smart of you to do. Actually, for all of them, legit props on doing this. *Thumps chest*

Dash admits she was getting a little nervous, but she feels better with the others there. Aww. :) She decides to give them a tour. Dash calls it the greatest city in the sky, which might imply more cities in the sky. Might not be as good as the spirit in the sky, though. That is where I wanna go when I die. Thy're impressed, while Rarity makes googly eyes in front of a mirror. Rarity follows and some construction workers are construction worker stereotypes around her. The wings are gorgeous! And a jackhammer falls through the clouds. Wait, why are they using a jackhammer on clouds? No, how are they using a jackhammer on clouds?!

Twilight tells Rarity to be careful. the wings are made form gossamer and morning dew. They're very delicate, and Rarity brushes off her concerns. Applejack pipes up she'd like to see where the weather's made. For a farmpony like her, that's actually a very valid line of inquiry. So it's a tour of the weather factory! We cut right to there. A rainbow's off to one side while overhead, the thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes! They enter, dressed in lab coats and hard hats. Each snowflake is hoof-made. Yeah, I'm calling horse hockey on that. We see ponies hunched over magnifying glasses. It's a delicate operation, and right on cue, Rarity flies up to examine some. The snowflakes all blow around and Dash decides to beat a hasty retreat before rarity causes a drought. *Snort* Smart move, there.

We go to where they make rainbows. Pinkie tastes said rainbow, but these ain't skittles! She whinnies and races for water while the others laugh at her pain. Laugh, laugh!!!


Okay, I laughed too. :p

We pan over to see the bullies following around Rarity, admiring her wings while she drinks it in. Then they see Dash and out come the insults. Dash asks Rarity why she's hanging with them. Now, maybe Rarity didn't know they were bullies before, but after they insulted Dash she's still pretty nonchalant. They insult her some more. Ah, other friends? Little help for her, here? That's a bit dosconcerting, to be honest. Fluttershy tries to cheer her up, but no good. She freaks out about her plain old boring wings and finally some looks of concern from Applejack and Twilight.

At the cloud factory, it's kind of what you'd expect. Water's poured into tubs, and streams of clouds jet out. Simple, but effective. I like that. The workers there are admiring Rarity. And Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy are giving her Class-A Death Glares. Twilight goes over and reminds her they're supposed to be helping Dash. She asks her to put away her wings. Rarity balks, and instead flies up to bask in the sun. All shall lover her fabulousity and despair! She lets out that mad little laugh, and I'm thinking back to a certain episode. You know the one. :p

Twilight notices Dash having a little panic attack. I have had a number of panic attacks over my life, one quite literally a couple of weeks ago. So I wanna give Dash a great big hug right about now. One of the workers says Rarity should enter the competition. Rarity completes her turn to the jackass side by deciding to compete. Oh, Rarity. And you started out with the best of intentions, too.

At the Cloudiseum, we see Doctor Whooves and his wife Ditzy. My guess is Whooves used some remaining regeneration energy. ;) :D An attendant knocks on the door to Rarity's dressing room, but she'll be a while and blows in her face. How rude! Dash looks out and sees the other four, and Pinkie has a giant foam hand. It's not a Stone Cold-style hand, though. Right below are the bullies. An annoucner with a rather modern-looking headset announces Celestia's arrival. She flutters down and some celebrity judges are introduced, the Wonderbolts! They do some fancy acrobatics, finishing off with a successful Kolvoord Starburst. Dash's spirits brighten a bit.

A rather nasal attendant sends out number one, and Dash realizes she's number-two. Oh, noes! She switches numbers with Whooves. She keeps on switching. Rarity's number four, but needs more time. She's got mane curlers and a mud mask, but this isn't something to lose sleep over. We fade to the others. Twilight was impressed with number seven, doing 15 barrel rolls in a row. There's a Starfox joke in there, but at this late time of night I'll let it be. Fluttershy liked number ten because she looked so nice. Of course. Applejack wonders why they haven't seen Dash or Rarity and we cut back to Dash in the fetal position, shuddering. As Dash is called, Rarity emerges. We see bits and pieces of her and then a full-body shot. Up close, it is rather... well, I can't decide between Lady Gaga or Patti Smyth from 'The Warrior'. I've read this outfit looks best from a longer distance away, and that does make sense to me.

They both get sent out. I... don't get this bit. Wouldn't they have left enough time for the number of contestants? And would they really push them out like this? It's a small thing, but still bugs me. I know it's for the climax, but yeah. They both go out and Rarity says a rather 'just do your best' to Dash. Rarity changed the music. Oh, OH! Not cool, Rarity. She begins dancing to ballet-style music while Dash psyches herself up. Dash goes for her routine, but with phase one she slams into a cloud and rebounds head-first into a panel, right in front of the bullies. Rarity continues dancing while Dash tries for phase two. Dash tries for phase two, and it starts to work, but an errant puff of cloud smacks her in the face. One of the clouds spins out of control and nearly decapitates Celestia!

Rarity prepares for her grand finale, to fly up and beam her wings over the whole city of Cloudsdale. Wait, transporter accident? She stares at the camera and I decide to go with Gaga. Dash goes for the Rainboom and her voice is shakier than a Jenga Tower. Rarity flies up, and dammit, I wasted my Galadriel joke! She's sweating, not to the Oldies though. She! Is! Rarity! And the wings go up like Icarus'. Natch.

She plummets, screaming her gaudy little head off. and to their and the show's credit, the Wonderbolts dive for her. There's a really cool shaky camera bit as they zoom past. They reach her, but her flailing limbs kick each one right in the face! For anyone who thinks the Wonderbolts are glass cannon, equines have helluva strong kicks! But Dash hears Rarity's screaming and dives down for her! The pressure wave builds, the ground looms closer, Fluttershy can't look...

And Dash pulls off the Rainboom! And while the others are stunned silent, Fluttershy yells at the top of her lungs! She catches all four in the nick of time and flies them up, creating a rainbow-colored contrail over the Cloudiseum. She gets a standing ovation, and Dash, drink it in. You more than earned it. Rarity thanks Dash, and this is best day ever!

Back at the balloon, they're gathered around it. Rarity's in the balloon, because she didn't have the cloud-walking spell cast on her! Good show, show! She eats humble pie and apologizes for getting carried away. They forgive her. Aww. Dash even forgives her, but wishes she could've met the Wonderbolts while they were still conscious. And one tap to the shoulder and Dash has a fangasm. The Wonderbolts thank her for saving their lives. Dash is... slightly inarticulate, but it's understandable. Celestia shows up, and this time it makes sense. She awards Dash the grand prize, and even places Mercury/Flash wings on her head. Dash once again squees while being carried around for a victory lap. Celestia asks for a friendship lesson, and Rarity delivers the Aesop this time.

The bullies, in their own way, apologize for their name-calling and taunting, giving them more depth than those other two. You know who I mean. ;) They even congratulate her and ask to hang out. Dash declines and flies off with two of the Wonderbolts. "I've got plans!" And she flies off into the sunset.

Great episode. Really, really great. Awesome scenes. I love Cloudsdale. A lot of depth is added to Equestria. The Mane Six are great. Admittedly Pinkie and Applejack aren't used much, but they're used well. And it makes sense, being earth ponies. ;) Dash is given some great characterization, too.

Rarity... ah, you started out so well. But that road is paved with what you had. It does make sense she'd get so caught up with the wings, but it didn't make it right. At least she apologized in the end.


I've decided to put my own headcanon in a separate section. It's formed from almost all the Hasbroverse, my tiny little fanverse that I've formed. Anyway...

1. The last pony to do a Rainboom was Firefly, Dash's direct ancestor. She did it saving the life of her future husband Bloodwing.
2. Cloudsdale is not the only cloud city, but it's by far the largest.
3. Flutter ponies still exist, mostly in Flutter Valley/Province. They were not mutilated into changelings. To be honest, I... dislike that bit of fanon. Queen Rosedust still rules over them, because flutter ponies don't die of old age.

And I just realized I'm over halfway through season one! But don't take that little fact for granite, because tomorrow it's time to look into the eyes of the...

Stare Master

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"Sonic Rainboom" was probably one of my first favorite episodes of MLP. :rainbowdetermined2:

TOS/FIM crossover? I'd like to see that. I've seen about a handful of TOS episodes, but it's not my favorite Star Trek.

No Trixie comment? 'Cause this episode is the most hypocritical any of 'em have ever been about that, with Dash braggin' about a stunt she knows full well she cain't pull off.

2173636 And Rarity showing of like a schoolfilly with new ribbons. (Or wings, in this case.)

You could argue that RD gets half a pass because she knows the move can be done, she just doesn't know how. However, from an outside perspective it certainly doesn't look any more substantial than any other bold claim any pony could make.

Whereas Rarity got a textbook Icarian consequence from her actions.

Or possibly Celestia took offense at Rarity trying to dress up as a changeling (very bad taste) and cranked up the sun a few notches to dispose of her.


Except that Rainbow knows that she can do it because she has done it before, is just she couldn't repeat it.

Rarity... ah, you started out so well. But that road is paved with what you had. It does make sense she'd get so caught up with the wings, but it didn't make it right. At least she apologized in the end.

That's one thing about this episode that bugs me, wouldn't the magical wings count as "cheating"? After all, they aren't real wings.

"Couldn't repeat it" means she can't do it, which is the whole problem.

Okay, tangent? I do wanna write a TOS?FIM crossover one day. It would take place during year four of the five-year mission. Starfleet Command sends Kirk and the Enterprise to the Equestrian System to negotiate opening up diplomatic channels, but because this is in the Neutral Zone with the Organians the Klingons send Kang from Day of the Dove, so there's some respect between the two captains. Celestia and Luna tell them to play nice or else. And it goes from there.

Do want!

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