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    Quick Update

    Still here, Have not disappeared.
    Work progresses on next chapter of Shades of Twilight, putting it around 40% pre-edit due to some work related issues. Don’t have an exact date but am going to have it up with new decisions and choices.

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    The Equestrian Codex *Spoiler Alert*

    The Equestrian Codex: Uncensored
    Published for the Institute of Species Research
    Initial biological study by Professor Mordin Solus
    Supplemental materials provided by Dr. Two For Tea, Equestrian Anthropologist

    Primary Codex

    Aliens: Non-Council Races: Equestrians

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    And getting back to it

    The Conclusion of the Shades of Twilight 'Crisis Arc' has been re-posted in it's revised version as a collaborative effort, with several major changes to the narrative and improvements to lead into future chapters. New Bonus Chapter will be posted this weekend (as it is already written) on the evening of 4-16-21 to shoot for the feature page over the weekend. Please do comment and respond to the

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    The Lazarus Project.... MARK II

    The Lazarus Project has been a success...
    It is time...
    Time to finish what was once begun...
    Time to begin overusing ellipses once more...
    Time... to... PONY UP!!

    Loyal2Luna and her amazing Editor: 2dExtreem are back into the fray!


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    An Ending

    Before you get your hopes up, no, this is not the real Loyal. This is her editor, co-author, and friend, 2dextreem. I'm sorry to say I don't think Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord.

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Loyal Blogging · 6:41pm May 30th, 2014

Ahhh it's good to be back and writing again. Sorry for all the waiting everyone but it's been madness. And not the zany fun Discord Madness either.
Shades of Twilight, Doctor Whooves, and Sly Cooper all pending update as we go into the summer, with semi-regular postings off all three over the next couple of weeks. That’s right, dear readers: The Doctor is coming back, and he has a message for all of you.


After a recent discussion with my friend and editor, 2dextreem, we have decided to open the floodgates and extend an invitation for you, the readers, to proceed to 'ask us anything'. For the next week, comments and questions on this blog post will be considered and your questions answered on a multitude of topics, including (not limited to): Writing/Editing Techniques, inspiration, personal questions, clarification on plot holes or concerns in the stories, anything pertaining to the Doctor Whooves Series, Equestrian Equation Trilogy, and Sly Cooper stories, and more. Also on the table are any questions for 2dextreem's very excellent and recently completed HiE story: 'You Do not Belong'.

A joint answer blog will be posted up some time after next Friday (6/6/14) to answer your questions, so please ask and stay tune.

What could have been:

For those who are curious, here is a look at some of the possible options and consequences of Equestrian Equation.

Some paths not taken: Here are some of the scenes that were planned at the end of Equestrian Equation depending on the ‘vital’ choice taken in ‘Fate of Equestria’. (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)
In the original plan, the scene after Shepard was given the choice played out one of three ways. The paragon version you saw, where Shepard used the Awaken Protocol, setting into motion the events of Shades of Twilight and Harmony for All.


In the 'Neutral' Version, taking Celestia's Compromise. Shepard agrees with Celestia and while Milligan pulls the gun on Shepard, he doesn't fire as Shep manages to use diplomacy to talk him down, saying that helping take care of Equestria is a small price to pay. Milligan survives as his 'programming' didn't account for this and rather than have a break down, admits that Cerberus will be pleased enough. Twilight approaches Shepard and Shep uses his silver tongue with her too, convincing her to let her people have their perfect lives. Celestia tries to convince Twilight to come back, but Twilight refuses... When Celestia grows angry, Shepard intervenes, stating that unlike previous ponies, Twilight DOES have somewhere to go. Celestia is not happy, but she isn't able to stop Twilight from leaving with Shepard and joining his crew.

The Equestrian Simulation is reset and in a twist, Shepard sends the location of Equestria to the Alliance, who move in to seize control of the system. Twilight goes on to help Shepard take on the Collector base and in the eventual sequel, Shepard would help defend Equestria again from Cerberus and then Reaper attack, including a return into Equestria itself to face off against a Reaper Interface inside the system itself. The completion would have gained a significant bonus in the final fight against the reapers with the Harmony Core, Super-Advanced Equine AI's, and the 'Battle Moon' which is used to defend the Crucible.


In the Renegade Option, after starting the download, Shepard shuts down Celestia who is viciously fuming... and after a pat on the back from Milligan, is approached from behind by Twilight, who realizes what he's done and what it means... Shepard tries to rationalize it, which enrages the betrayed Twilight. Twilight goes full biotic on Shepard in her outrage, but is brought down by a single well placed head-shot from Milligan.

After a short spill about sacrifice... Shepard finalizes the sequence....

On the Normandy, the databanks are overloaded and EDI is overwritten. After a moment of chaos, Discord seizes full control of the Normandy and proceeds to 'have fun' with the crew with inventive and highly lethal methods. Unawares on the Lunar Platform, Garrus, Legion, and Thane heroically sacrifice themselves in the final showdown with Chrysalis' mechs and are killed in the explosion.

Stranded on the planet, Discord sends Shepard a last minute thanks as the Harmony Core powers down and Shep watches the life-signs in each pod go offline. The last line intended to be something along the lines of the cost of sacrificing one's soul costing everything as Discord, the most advanced and imaginative AI in the galaxy, takes his new stealthy body and proceeds to take it out to have as much fun as he can.

Game Over.

And the readers who chose to sacrifice the Equestrians would TOTALLY deserve it.

With Love

And now time to share some of the love I’ve gotten from the community: Fan Art:. I cannot count how many days coming home to PM's of fan-art and learning about these dedications to my works have helped me recover from the black hole of life. Here are a few examples for everyone, both of art inspired by my previous works as well as a few pieces of yours truly.

Marr Bell Plushie - By Nazegoreng (commissioned by Paynoheed on Deviant art)

Marr Bell & Zecora's Tea - By Fox-in-Shadow (Commissioned by Paynoheed)

Why I Hate April Pony Fools Day - By Trixie-J-Lunamoon

Me and CK - By C-K Faux

Me and My Equestrian Divided RP Buddies - By C-K Faux

((Top Left to Right : Pixel Brony, Passerby, Silver Bit. Bottom Left to Right: Loyal2Luna, Self-Esteem Punk, C-K Faux))

Who’s Who of New Ponyville by FoxinShadows

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Personal Question: How many gladiator battles do you participate in a week?

What's your name?
What's your quest?
And what's your favorite color?

More seriously, how many stories will be in your Doctor Whooves series?

YES, You're back! I'm not sure if I can even express how excited I am now. I like your Dr. Whooves series quite a bit. Interesting that summer has changed everyone.

Huzza you're back! (Again).

Pm me when you're open and we might actually get the next chapter of r&r out before they find and burn me to death :)

Holy crap that renegade ending. :rainbowderp:

Game Over.

And the readers who chose to sacrifice the Equestrians would TOTALLY deserve it.


First question; how does Doctor Whooves end?
A serious question, are you planning on explaining Pinkie Pie Pie-ness in Doctor Whooves? you seem to be leading up to it...
I won't insist that you do answer this question, but why has it been so long since you updated your stories. Doctor Whooves in particular, is several months late (Arguably more than a year late).

oh, and its good to have you back:)

Why do you stink so much?

Looking back on it, the Renegade ending was never an option. Shepard risked life and limb to save the ponies at every turn, so suddenly deciding to sacrifice them after everything he'd done would have come completely out of left field and ripped open a plot hole the size of Jupiter. Though that bags the question...in the final vote, did anyone actually vote for the Renegade "solution"? Did anyone actually look at their options and go "Kill them all"?

Awwwwww... Now I really wished we'd taken the neutral option. I was very disappointed that we had to give up Luna and Celestia.

Comment posted by Krack-Fic Kai deleted May 30th, 2014

Two or three, if memory holds.

And the readers who chose to sacrifice the Equestrians would TOTALLY deserve it.


So where did you disappear to anyways?

Do you really live life to the extreme?

Have you ever considered being loyal to Celestia?

L2L's (Griffon) Husband:
...How y'all meet?

Glad to hear from you. Posting message on break so can't say much. Very happy to hear about updates!

Looking forward to further updates! Mostly Equestrian Equation, but also Doctor Whooves too. Not so much Sly Cooper though. :twilightsmile:

Personally, I think the problem with the first choice was that Celestia was portrayed as far too villainous up until Shepard got out of the system. We had very little reason to side with her after all the stuff we'd witnessed in the story, which pretty much doomed her arguments. That being said, had Celestia been more sympathetic and reasonable throughout the story, the first option might have been more tempting, with the rewards obtained being pretty good as well. Still, I'm kinda surprised that there isn't a part in the first option bit that has Twilight insisting all her friends be released from the simulation too: I don't think she'd be willing to leave without them.

1. Do you go to conventions? Do you want to?
2. Vanguard? KROGAN Vanguard?
3. Have you really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
That's really it in the way of questions, but I just want to say you're one of the coolest authors on the site and I can't wait to see your updates return! Hm, one last one I guess: Does your schedule usually end up so busy during the school year, relenting during summer?

How do you think Daleks pick very important smallish things up that fall on the floor? When they're alone?

How are ya?

How sentient were the individual programs of the simulation? Is the "Equestrian Equation" ending that we ended up with the one you preferred?

L2L has been busy in real life, with her job, matters to solve, ...

About DWA stories, I have been pondering about a question for years, but I think the answer would be spoilery. :twilightsmile:

And about the upcoming updates : Yay!

I want that Marr Bell Plushie :applecry:....Actually I want to learn how to make my own Plushie :derpytongue2:

I guess I'll ask the same question again: how long is the Doctor Whooves series going to be? Usually, I get the same answer with this question, but I'll ask anyway.

I know you probably have so much on your plate right now, and this probably doesn't rank too high on priorities, but are you going to continue helping ed with Shepard's R&R?

Wow, that renegade ending.
Would you have simply ended the story there if (for some bizarre reason) that was the decision that readers voted for? Or do you think that you would have ended up being convinced to post one or both of the others (thus potentially tripling your workload for 'ending' Equestrian Equation)?
Do you think that there'd - hypothetically - be a possibility of you writing the alternate endings in full if you ever had the time? Or do you find the summaries to be enough?

Do you ever feel that you've bitten off more than you can chew with having three fics on the go, especially when your personal life has taken precedence over them for so much of the past year or so?
(that isn't a loaded 'hurry up or give up' comment by the way; genuine curiosity)

Aside from that I want to say how much I have loved everything I have read of yours (ie all the finished stuff - decided not to start on the other fics as I've found that I enjoy dedicating a couple of days to powering through an entire one of your stories). Your work is without a doubt my favourite on the site & you have the honour of writing the only blog that I actually read. I imagine this is what it would feel like to actually take interest in celebrities.

Also I adore that Marr Bell plushie - the scales (both airbrushed & appliquéd) look fantastic!


Alright, I've got a few questions.
1. What's the best way of making an interactive story work well?
2. Do you plan on using any Doctor Who aliens, or are you going to make your own for the entirety of the series? 'Cause I'd like to see a story with the Vashta Nerada because they are the best.
3. Do you plan on doing any crossovers with any other series when you finish one?

Yay, updates for Only Skin Deep coming soon! :scootangel:

Now, I have two questions, 1) are you going to do anything for the 50th anniversary of DW?
2) Would you be against doing a crossover with X-Men Days of Future Past?

That Marr Bell plush i wanna hug it arglefnarg so huggable.

And sheesh, that renegade option is harsh :twilightoops:

That's not a bloody Renegade option. That's a "Bad End" easter egg.

Ahh. Well... after all, an ideal is just an idea with 'ell at the end.

Question: Will Kolyat ever make an appearance in Shades of Twilight, since he does start working for Captain Bailey after Thane's loyalty mission?

Question: Will "the Shadow Broker" (Liara) ever contact the herd for any reason?

Question: Will we ever get to see the ponies go anywhere that isn't the citadel?

Question: How do I get one of those Marr Bell Plushies? So adorable!

Hmm... Do you think you might actually write out that 'Neutral' option someday?

Maybe not a full fic, like Shades of Twilight and Harmony For All, but at least hitting the high points? A sort-of "What If?" one-shot? :scootangel:

In the doctor who series :

Exactly what are the Alicorns? Do they reincarnate and is Luna the reincarnation of Lady Astrolia? How long they live? Has always been an Alicorn in the societies of ponies? How powerful they are? In what extent they represent the natural forces they control? Are they avatar, humanoids, gods or elemental archmages? Do they need to eat and/or sleep? Do they reproduce?

If you were to compare them to a race in the Who verse, who or what would they be parallel to?

According to your time travel rules, what happened to twilight future? Do the ponies there became the Equestria version of the Meanwhiles and Neverweres? Were they destroyed? Did It branched into an alternate universe, leaving them simply cut from the "Original" verse? Do they reincarnated into new ponies that follow the Series verse history? Were they saved or just became a cautionary tale to create a good future?

Are you keen on any Assassin's Creed titles? :pinkiehappy:

Something makes me think we'll, sooner or later, hear of the Vashta Nerada and their deeds again...

May i ask how you get your fics to get read? I mean besides being a good author how do you get it out to the crowd? I don't seem to get the people i know get interested all that much in them although some do admit i have a fairly decent imagination.

To Derp, or not to Derp? That is the question.

Woah there, I didn't do "Me and CK"; I can only dream of one day being able to take credit for work of that caliber :twilightsheepish: Esteem commissioned that, though you'd have to ask him who the artist was :pinkiesmile:

1. Any chance we'll see Marr again in Doctor Whooves: the series?

2. Have either of you ever played Dungeons & Dragons?

3. Why doesn't get 2dextreem get more love? A good editor is one of the greatest things a writer could ask for...

4. Red pill or blue pill? Be honest, now.

5. How different is the plush from how you originally imagined Marr?

6. How are you able to maintain the feel of each series you cross-over so well? Doctor Whooves feels like a Doctor Who Episode and a My Little Pony episode at the same time. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

7. 2dextreem: How'd you wind up as Loyal2Luna's co-author and editor?

8. Both of you are fantastic authors. Where did you learn to write so well? And do you have any advice for fledgeling or experience writers?

9. Whatever happened to the Legends of the Caravan story?

2163244 It was Graystripe64

Can you handle all the love we hold for you and your stories?
You won't push yourself too hard on our behalf and stay the terrific person you seem to be?
Could you carry a sign at BronyCon or Buck this year so I can easily give you hugz?


We can ask (stupid) things regarding your aktive projects? I actually now of something that is a bit of a plothole at the moment for me. :pinkiegasp:
The herds genetic made up is so malleable that there is no risk of inbreeding as long as an parent and their child are not engadged. This was stated earlier and is the made up for some really strange family dynamics that could rival the asari (where it may be a cultural no go to engage with family members rather than the risk of inbreeding). But how malleable is the herds genetic made up? What is with brothers and sisters? Would they have to make genealogy for that? They are however really open about findig suitable sexual partners. Than there is the problem of female to male ratio (I belive something of 7 to 1?). The cultural bias (human) that they experienced in Equestia is monogamy wich would not really work in real life for them. The love live should not be understimated and till now there was no instance of "in heat". I see 3 possible sulution (don't ask me. I think I am started to get baised towards three...):
1. They keep the monogamy and all the mares wich want children but have no mate either borrow their favoriten stallion for a night (made legaly) or have to go to a sperm bank.
<<< Most likly high acceptance with other races that follow monogamy as well but possible strife for "hugging all the stallions" >>>
2. They etablish Polygamy (which they could call herds)
<<< Could be accepted by other races givin the gender ratio. But this would create hughe families strong driven in the way of their ancestors or controlled by their matriaches (The apel family everywhere). >>>
3. They ditch marriage altogether. Every older citizen (other than mother/father) become a aunt/uncle and those younger became niece/nephew. Those in the same age (region of years) would than be possible partners (if not sister/brother). Raising the children becomes a communal part of a citizen.
<<< Lower acceptance with other races because of the lack of strong family bonds. At the orher hand would the herd grows towards one big family and could make best use of their reproducing abillitys for repopulation. >>>

Something else that is no pressing matter at the moment is schooling. Nearly all living member of the herd are schooled but what is with the kids? Right now they have Derby looking out for them but nothing else to prepare them for their adult live. The Herd as it stands has no idea of how to school and train them yet and no ressources to do so even if they want. But since they are still etablishing what they want to be they can choose. The way to treat their children will have long lasting effects about how future generations will think, Here some ideas:
1. Copying an existing and established way from one of the other races. If it where not for it that Mass Effect keeps quite about how the other races go about it I could say more. As of yet they have only experience with the human way of schooling.
<<< Flattering those race ( and maybe agiating the others) and chance of using existend facalitys and rescources. >>>
2. Keep the Equestian way (Cutiemarks). Basically it would be an utopian goal of schooling to start of with giving the general knowladge in school and upon finishing it and becomming mature enough starting their crusade for their cutiemark. It would be like the CMC but with praktika in the fields of work that the kid has shown interest in and in wich it show talent all guided by the teacher or the crafts master where they are doing the praktika. Once they have found their calling it goes back to school to learn what they need for that career before starting the apprenticeship.
<<< It is an utopian goal and just as hard to reach but a goal that they would feel comfortable with.>>>
3. In direct opposing of choice 2 and much more realistic givin the problematic position that the herd has they could issue an administration overseer for training. Because of the shortage of trainees and the abnuance of work, trainees are told wich career they should prusure. As brutal as it sounds as efficient it would be in the short run. Such planned economy is bound to fail in time but would help in the beginning.
<<< All the open post will be filled as fast as possible. Administration penetrate personal way of living. >>>

Love life and schooling are importand and there is nothing that coud weeken a comunity more than failing to handel those.

are you planning on changing anything in the Sly Cooper story due to the events of season four, mainly the fact that discord is proving to not be evil?

Will the Rachni be making an appearance (probably indirectly) in Shades of Twilight any time soon?

Is Maud Pie a real pony or was she a part of the Matrix? Is she one of those combat specialists that you mentioned?

Will the Raloi or the Virtual Aliens have more of an impact on the story than in Mass Effect?

Has the Equestrians' presence effected Shepard and/or his companions' adventures in any significant way? (I.e. Has Mordin learned anything interesting from his tests? Legion and the knowledge of SIs that naturally evolve into AIs and peacefully coexisted with their creators? Etc.)

Do you prefer writing this story over "Celestia's Compromise"?

Yes, I'm also concerned with how you can help Ed move his story along.

2. They etablish Polygamy (which they could call herds)
<<< Could be accepted by other races givin the gender ratio. But this would create hughe families strong driven in the way of their ancestors or controlled by their matriaches (The apel family everywhere). >>>
3. They ditch marriage altogether. Every older citizen (other than mother/father) become a aunt/uncle and those younger became niece/nephew. Those in the same age (region of years) would than be possible partners (if not sister/brother). Raising the children becomes a communal part of a citizen.
<<< Lower acceptance with other races because of the lack of strong family bonds. At the orher hand would the herd grows towards one big family and could make best use of their reproducing abillitys for repopulation. >>>

You say that option 2 "could be" accepted by others, and that 3 would have "lower" acceptance. This word choice is hard to compare. Does one have a lower average approval rating among the citadel races? Would one option be met with drastically different views between, for example, the humans and the elcor?

Not sure if this question is the kind you meant, but are you still working on Shepard's R&R? :pinkiesad2:

I have more questions besides the ones about the individual sentience and which ending you preferred more (obviously excluding the Renegade ending):
1. Any tips for a fellow writer? For example, tips for keeping a steady update speed, what’s a good size for a chapter, writing technique, getting your story noticed, etc.
2. Relating to the above, are there any tips you can give for keeping the FIM ponies (and others) in character (speech patterns, etc)?
3. Are there any characters that you regret not being able to write in “Shades of Twilight”?
4. Is Ruby Pinch real in “Shades of Twilight”, and if so, is she Berry Punch’s daughter?
5. Is there any way Zecora could appear in “Shades of Twilight” (Pip proves that pony coats don’t have to be one color, and she could have been an attempt to experiment with pigments or something)?
6. Have you been thinking about my ideas of collecting the genetic material of the adult herd members and improving the herd’s self-defense capabilities?
7. Did you like seasons three and four and some of the stuff in them (like Princess Twilight and the season four closer, especially the awesome battle)?
8. Do you prefer any of your stories/series over the others, and if so which one? Why?
9. Have you ever read the Pony POV series? Have you ever read “The Commander of Shepards”? When will “Shepard’s R&R” update? Are you gonna commission any more art of your stories from FoxInShadow (the previous work is pretty great BTW)? I'd especially like to see more "Equestrian Equation" and "Shades of Twilight" art.
10. What was Discord like before his mind was uploaded? Why did he turn evil? Was Luna looking for death like it seemed she was when Shepard met her? Why was 42 the only sentient Changeling drone at the facility? Why was Chrysalis such a jerk (also, was she the rogue AI Pinkie mentioned, or was it only imitating her), and was she uploaded too or was she simply a normal AI?
11. What partner do you prefer for Shepard?
12. What is the nicest thing any fan has said to you? How do you feel about your fans?

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