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MLP episode review: Fall Weather Friends · 4:04pm May 29th, 2014

Sorry for no review yyesterday. A bit busy and wasn't feeling well.

And it's the Blue Bomber on the outstretch followed close behind by Awesome Apple! They're neck and neck folks! I've never seen a race be this tight! Get ready for the...

Fall Weather Friends

We open at Sweet Apple Acres and a horseshoe pit. It's Dash and Applejack playing, enjoying themselves. Nice. :) They banter a bit back and forth, Dash way overshooting on the target. Applejack gets a ringer, yay! Go, Applejack! Dash is... oddly devastated. Well, not oddly, considering how big her ego is. Applejack is a good sport, and tries cheering her up, which is good on her. But she does leave a little, "You're a good athlete. I'm just better." Ohhai Trixie! :p Dash asks if she thinks she's the top athlete in Ponyville, "I was gonna say all of Equestria," and she has got an ego inflation. Dash challenges her to an iron pony competition. Gonna fly now? They spit and shake hooves.

After the credits we see Twilight asking what they're doing while Dash stretches. Neither Twilight nor Dash know why she's here. Oh, she's the judge. Hmm, come a long way from 'Ticket Master'. Dash's ego grows. Again. We cut to a sports field and Spike doing his best Howard Cosell on top of Twilight while the running joke of, "Who are you talking to?" begins. We see the other three of the Mane Six walking/hopping/flying up. Three guesses as to who did what action. :D First is a race around barrels. Applejack gets a time of seventeen seconds, but a penalty of five seconds for nudging a barrel. Dash is nervous and Applejack reminds her it's all in good fun. Good on her! Dash zooms by while Applejack cheers her on. Heck, Dash is even showing slight self-deprecation at the end! Time is eighteen seconds, more than Applejack's but the penalty lets her win. Applejack teases her a bit as Fluttershy changes the scoreboard. Some more good-natured ribbing, which won't be so good-natured later on. ;)

Next up is a test of strength, bell ringing! I sucked at this, btw. Dash is good, Applejack knocks it clear into the sky, followed by a bucking a 'shave and a hair cut, two bits' apple melody onto Dash's head. their egos are starting to show... more. The Apple Clan's out in force. All three of them. bronco bucking's next, with Spike. Dash wins this one... and I don't know why. Applejack's the one who uses her hind legs all day, after all. Dash really doesn't. Bah. Lassoing goes Applejack's way, natch. Spike once again is the butt monkey. Dash lashes herself to a tree. "Does this count?" Cue sad trombone!

Ball-bouncing is next, and as we saw in Dragonshy, Dash is a master. She even gets Applejack's ball going. We get one weird shot of a pegasus dropping a rose from a cloud and Fluttershy catching it in her mouth as she changes the score. Huh? Bale tossing, Applejack. Hoof wrestling... Dash? Again, I would've put my money on Applejack. Football kick, Applejack. It even changes the score for her! Spike does more Howard while Twilight is very oblivious to the huge crowd gathered. Push-ups and... Dash uses her wings to wing. Okay, for me? That's... cheating, or not playing fairly. It's the forelegs, not the wings. Applejack mutters to be a good sport to herself.

Long jump. I... sucked at this one, too. I suck at sports period. Dash flaots over and I call serious foul! Next is carrying chicks across a muddy path. Applejack's fly over to Dash's and... I'm not sure on that one. Final event, tug-of-war. Dash flies up, dragging Applejack up. I call foul, DQ Dash and lock her in the penalty box! She tricks Applejack into letting go of the rope and falling into the mud. We see the final score is... 15-5, Dash. Ouch! "I win by a landslide, or mudslide, in your case." Okay, egotistical and mean... but funny. "I am the Iron Pony!" So... she's either gonna get shrapnel lodged into her heart or bite the head off of a bird?

Applejack accuses her of cheating by using her wings. Dash says it's sour apples. She says Applejack never said she couldn't use her wings. And she says even without her wings she would've won. Ah... push-ups, tug-of-war, bird-carrying, long jump to Applejack without them. Don't know about the others. Applejack challenges her to the Running of the Leaves, no wings allowed. Dash's response is to buck Applejack away. "No wings? No problem!" Right...

They spit and shake again and their egos are drawing in black holes.

We cut to tomorrow and Twilght and Spike going there. Spike's impatient because he wants to be the announcer again. We also learn this race is only for ponies. Now I'm wondering what would happen if Zecora or Cranky tries to enter. *Evil grin* Spike starts announcing, but is overtaken by Pinkie in the balloon, which I own. Because I do. :p She's got an electric megaphone as Spike fumes. Right there with you. She gives some exposition on what this is. They run, so the leaves will fall in Autumn. Eh... okay. We see Bonbon and Berry Punch stretching, along with Applejack. Dash struts through, wings outstretched. Insert own joke, folks. Applejack says she's ready to run a good, clean race. Dash says she could win the race with both wings tied behind her back. Cue an evil grin of Applejack's and jum cut to her with her wings tied behind her back. Nice. :D "Trussed up like a turkey." Hmm, implications there are interesting.

Pinkie announces them to take their positions while Spike runs up. He tries asking if he can co-announce, but decides not to. Pinkie, channeling her season-one self, asks if he wants to help. Good on you, Pinkie! He climbs up and I smile genuinely. Applejack and Dash ready themselves, but look up in shock as Twilight steps up to the starting line. She's racing and... they mock her. Dash is particularly jerkassish here. Excuse me, I have to go ponder which Flash I should put her up against. Applejack at least wishes her good luck before snickering again. "See you at the finish line. Tomorrow!" Dash... *Slaps*

Pinkie Pie and Spike set them off and fly after them. Pinkie Pie is... random. In a gloriously funny way. No, I'm not gonna type out everything she says. :p We see the ponies running and a cascade of leaves falling behind them, used to good effect as a scene wipe. Spike is a little lost with Pinkie's rambling. Spike, even if you had a road map you'd be lost with her. Dash and Applejack are ahead. Applejack is not watching where she's going and trips over a rock, faceplanting as the other runners... run by. Twilight trots up as Applejack accuses Dash of tripping her. Twilight chews her out about watching where she's going. Applejack sees it and is cross with herself. She gallops off while Twilight tells her to be careful.

Ahead we see Dash. She looks back and sees nothing but empty road. She slows down, but Applejack appears out of nowhere and passes her. By the by, I love Spike's old-timey microphone. Applejack speeds ahead and Dash trips, digging out a small trench! She thinks Applejack tripped her... while Applejack was nowhere NEAR her legs. Twilight wonders if they ever look where they're going as she trots up. She points out the rather not-small stump while Dash accuses Applejack of tripping. What?! How the hell do you correlate that, Dash? Did Applejack plant the stump the night before, oh dear Sherlock? Twilight reminds her this is just a game, while Dash goes all sinister. "The rules have changed." Cue wacky shenanigans?

Back from commercial. We get a hot dog reference from Pinkie. It's the writers giving her something funny to say. Go with it. :p Below, Dash overtakes Applejack. They enter Whitetail Wood, and that place gets its first appearance. But Dash bends back a tree branch to knock Applejack down. BOO! HISS! Applejack uses another to do a Wile E. Coyote and catapult herself ahead. We get a short bit from the William Tell Overture to my admittedly-untrained ear. Applejack knocks down a bee's nest and Dash legs it. Applejack, not cool. I've got an aunt who's allergic to bee stings. Although this kinda backfires when Dash actually gets ahead. So instant Karma got her. Dash ducks into a bush, the bees make a question mark/exclamation point and fly off. Dash turns around a sign and Applejack goes onto a rather rocky and treeless path. Dash laughs and the other racers overtake her.

Twilight trots up. Dash does an odd derp face and her confidence level is 8,999. And we get the 'horse apples' swear. And somewhere, Sherman T Potter looks on with pride. We cut to Applejack reaching the edge of a cliff! The balloon floats by and Pinkie asks what she's doing here. Spike points out there's not even any trees. Applejack realizes it was Dash and asks for a lift. She does a Tarzan and swoops down to the head of the pack. Dash object. "You said no flying!" "No, I said no wings." EPIC BURN! And Dash, after some of the stuff you've pulled lately, I'm gonna give Applejack a pass. Although no pass for the beehive! We see tree taps for syrup, too. Nice touch. Applejack kicks down a bucket and Dash gets stuck. Wait... did Snidely Whiplash possess these two? Dash uses it like a whiplash and breaks free and... pardon the pun, 'dashes' ahead. :p She sends Applejack into a Tasmanian Devil spin which engulfs Dash and we've just hit wacky. Well, passed it. They go up a mountain and onto a cliff edge, which cracks and sends them sledding down and to the back of the pack. Twilight passes them and delivers a nice burn.

Dash agrees and runs off, Applejack following. We look ahead and see no more ponies racing, but also... we didn't see them pass anyone. Dash does a Ben-Hur into Applejack and we get a slightly dated, "Oh no she didn't!" "Oh yes she di-id!" from Spike and Pinkie. "You started it!" And now I'm gonna finish it!" MORTAL KOMBAT! Applejack goes for her old standby of biting Dash's tail. Damn, I should've kept track of that. Dash returns the favor. Applejack tries again, but this time bites the rope. Dash flies off, Applejack tackles her and we get them in a big ball of crazy. They cross the finish line and argue who won. Spike pipes up. "You tied!"

For last. Hah, hah! :D

Dash asks who won and... Twilight trots up with a gold medal. They're agog. Actually, she got fifth place. Show. legit props for that. They're shocked since she ran so slow. Turns out she paced herself. Just like her book said she should. Twilight, you get first place from me. We pan over and see three ponies all worn out, all pegasi, mind. Show, more legit props. Dash is even more agog, and twulight gently rebukes them with a 'horsing around' pun. Applejack ponies up and apologizes, saying their behavior was terrible. Dash agrees.

And Celestia out of buckin NOWHERE! The ponies bow and she says an important lesson was learned. Very odd angle of her as she appears, straight ahead and her head's all bulbous and distorted. She came to celebrate the Running of the Leaves. Applejack apologizes to her, and Celestia's understanding. Anyone can get swept up in competition. Twilight says it's important to remember friendship is more important. Good lesson, here. Celestia agrees, and says that since they were so busy tricking each other, not all the leaves were shaken down. So they race off, smiling. And halfway down the path they pass out from overexertion. ;)

A good episode overall, with some genuine laughs, a good lesson at the end too. Nice worldbuilding, Pinkie is funny and sensitive, Spike gets to announce the Race and this is just... good.

Interesting how Applejack legit tried to be a good sport at first, but got caught up in the whole thing with Dash. Dash was... Dash. Ego the size of a dwarf galaxy. I do find her use of wings in a few of those Iron Pony events to be wrong. Applejack was right. Also, again, legit props for Twilight not taking first place. Not much more I can say, methinks.

Fun fact, Dash's and Applejack's cutie marks on their toys are on opposite sides of their molds.

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Dash is the Blue Bomber? Does she fight for everlasting peace and get harrased by a certain Wily scientist?

This is probably one of my favorite Season 1 episodes. Just something about it makes me happy
Oh, and the MASH reference was welcome too. It's so hard to find people who know of older show like that

Yeah, this is just an all-around nice episode. Not Earth-shaking or amazing, but it's got a good heart, is very fun, and quite smart. :rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug:

I was thinking, if Twilight was the judge, wouln't she have called out RD for cheating if she couldn't use her wings?

In any case this was a nice episode, reminded me to Wacky Races in a nostalgic way...

Hmm, come a long way from 'Ticket Master'.

Not necessarily. Judging an athletic competition is much more quantifiable than deciding which of your friends should get a ticket to a Gala. :twilightsheepish:

We see the other three of the Mane Six walking/hopping/flying up. Three guesses as to who did what action.

Rarity/Pinkie/Fluttershy naturally. :raritywink::pinkiehappy::yay:


I find that comparing Dash's and AJ's athletic ability is very much like comparing apples and oranges, or comparing the skill of a chess master to that of a poker master. They are both good in different ways; Dash's main strength lies in her wings while AJ's is in her legs. Strictly speaking, denying Dash the use of her wings gives AJ an immediate advantage, and that strikes me as a fair bit unfair. If I were in a position to decide, I would have allowed the use of wings and any other part of the body, but also made sure that the competitions were varied enough that wings aren't a game breaker.

The Running of the Leaves is an exception, of course, because the title makes it clear what you're supposed to do and flying would be a game breaker if anything. However, it's probably the fairest competition they could have, because even if AJ is enormously strong, it doesn't automatically translate into superior running capability. She's fast, but it's all basic ability, just like for Dash.

I find myself thinking of D&D now. Earth ponies are a lot like Fighters (whereas Unicorns are Wizards and Pegasi are Rogues). And anyone who's played D&D pre-4th ed knows that there are two kinds of Fighter players: the ones who understand that they won't get spellcasting or special abilities and instead make use of what they do get (superior fighting ability, strength and toughness), and the ones who spend every session being envious of the players with cool stuff and whines about 'stop doing stuff I can't do'. I really like AJ what she's not in the second category.

On a completely unrelated subject, I can only assume that Derpy is courting Fluttershy. Ah, young love...

Regarding turkeys and hot dogs: "Trussed up" could mean somethin' completely different, but ah don't know what. An' we don't have to ignore the "hot dogs" line, because vegan hot dogs are a thing. Ah'd say the name is presumably an artifact from some omnivorous culture, but it has nothin' ta do with eating actual dogs so ah don't know about that one.

An' this episode is the main reason ah will always love Applejack an' hate Rainbow Dash. AJ tries ta be gracious even when she's gettin' cheated badly, until Dash finally goes too far an' the kid gloves are off (which manages to happen twice, Dash is that bad). Dash, meanwhile, not only cheats ta win, but rubs AJ's nose in it, publicly, an' when she thinks Applejack has cheated, despite her not even so much as havin' retaliated for anything yet an' the truth starin' her right in the face, she pretends to accept Twilight's explanation but privately decides to up the ante an' cheat harder.

Also, even with her flyin' trick, she should have straight-up lost the tug o' war. "Whoever falls into the mud loses" ain't how the game works, it's "whoever crosses the line marked by the mud pit loses". The mud itself is just a bonus. Further, ah maintain that if Twilight had been payin' a lick of attention or knew half an iota about how sports work, she would have marked Dash as the loser on the long jump, because usin' her wings was the same as takin' two jumps. Ah don't blame Twilight fer not callin' her on the other events, because the unfair advantage in those was subtle an' she mighta missed it, but it was still an unfair advantage that shouldn't've been allowed.

Oh, an' Applejack officially won the grudge match an' the title of Iron Pony. After all, Rainbow Dash forfeited when she used her wings (she said "all bets are off", but you can't actually call off a challenge in the middle like that).

The original Iron Pony Competition seemed designed in a way that would have made them roughly even without Dash's wings coming into play (albeit, as Striker mentioned, Dash won a few of the events that Applejack should plausibly have had the double advantage of more practice and earth pony power in; maybe the latter is something that can be turned off and Applejack was doing so to keep everything fair). Look at the ones Dash won fairly. She won the barrel race by being more agile than AJ, and she won the balance competition by virtue of having more practice with full-body kinesthetic coordination. Overall, it could have gone either way, but that wouldn't have fed Dash's hunger.

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