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Artists! I've got a bit of a proposition for you all. · 5:23pm May 24th, 2014

The Offer

So for those of you who don't know cause you're a new follower (in that case hi! Thanks for following!) or for those of you who don't remember I entered the Everfree Northwest Writing Competition a few months back and was awarded 3rd place. Now I've run into a bit of a snag.

Everfree Northwest PM'd me asking for my permission to put my description and coverart into the convention booklet. I'm totally fine with that... Except... I don't know who did the coverart. I believe for something like this the artist should be credited.

(Edit: I know who the artist is, but it seems they have left the fandom :facehoof:)

So... I'm asking for a commission. Not only would I pay for the art like normal, the artist will also have their drawing put into the Everfree Northwest Convention Booklet with my story and they will get credit. Which could bring some serious popularity to you since like a kazillion people are gonna go to that convention. And EVERYONE gets a con book.

The Catch

Yeah there had to be one didn't there?

The drawing would need to be done at the end of the week. I was told there was a good week left for me to figure something out for art... Or my story wouldn't get one.

While stories don't always need art, they do help catch the reader's eye as we all can relate to... I want someone to see the art and name of my fic and go "man, I wanna read that when I get back to my hotel room!" Which brings me to the second "catch" I guess.

I am gonna be a bit picky with this one. I usually tell an artist that I want a commission done for "I want this, but you can do whatever you want."

This time I've got a good idea for how it should look. I feel the picture shouldn't really focus on an expression of Sombra's, but more on how tiny he is in the massive underworld of Tartarus. (Now if you, as an expert at drawing or capturing expression and feels through art think I'm wrong, please tell me. I'm an idiot so... Lol)

Anyway I kinda wanted something like this: Sombra standing near the black gate in my fic, the scene would have to be dark and maybe have a bit of a red haze over it. The background would have to be huge! A bit beyond the gate would be a looking castle and beyond that can just be fire or rocky walls. (It's hell. Lol. My Tartarus is much different than the show's Tartarus. Lots more screaming and fire) like I said the scene has to be kinda huge. Sombra easily visible, but not the main focus. Tartarus both gave him his redemption, and took it away, so the actual hell is what I want the focus to be on.

Whatcha think? Pretty cool huh! :rainbowkiss:

Anyway, one last thing. I really want this to be dark and ominous, so any art style would do, but doing it purely by hand with pencils or paint will loosen my wallet a bit faster :raritywink: I love digital art so I'd like to see what ideas you digital artist may have :twilightsmile: the art style I really want is like the one I'm using for the story now. (I'll tag it) It's dark and brooding and looks gorgeous. Something like that is what I'd really like!

EDIT! If you are interested in giving this a shot, draw up a quick sketch of how you'd draw it (if possible) and send it to me! I'll select an artist tomorrow at 11:59pm central time! If only one artist sends one in well... That person gets it lol.

The Prize
Well cash money (more like paypal) and of course your art being credited in a big MLP convention booklet! Could be a great way to catch the eye of some peeps and get more fans!

Welp you've seen my ideas. I would really like to help an artist get some more popularity to them.... Like I said though there is a tight time-frame... and I'm a bit picky with this one. :twilightsheepish:

Hey popular users! With like a billion followers! Please re-blog my blog? I only have a handful of artist that follow me, but your blogs reach out way farther! Maybe someone would interested that you know!

Well that's all for now. When/if I pick an artist I wanna work with ill let everyone know... I hate being so picky, and trust me I'm not trying to act like some big-shot demanding art... I just wanted to give a few authors the opportunity to not only get paid for some art, but also get recognized art at a convention!

Thats all for now. I'm gonna be writing for a bit before I head to work. You can get ahold of me either in the comments box, in a PM, on deviantart (username is TidalWriter), or on Skype (username Tidal)

See ya! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Watch like no one respond to this. Lol

Report Tidal · 129 views · Story: The Revelation of a King ·
Comments ( 1 )

I responded, but my artistic talent is relatively rudimentary, at least not at the level you are demanding. I thought I would just respond to prove your last statement wrong. I would tell others, but I don't kno anyone with the talent to do this. Well, maybe remcake, but I doubt she can deliver in the timeframe, plus, she isn't exactly the best. Only ask her if you are desperate.


That is all I've got. Congrats too. I am almost bristling with envy. :duck:

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