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It's Fine. It'll all be fine. · 2:37pm May 29th, 2012

Remember what I said about laying on a park bench petting my tail?

My fiance went into the ER for stomach pains yesterday and ended up staying the night. She's probably (pending results from a test or two) going to be having surgery for gallstones tonight or tomorrow. And yes, the in-laws are still here, so in addition to this being our first time dealing with something like this, they're helicoptering around her room stressing us both out more.

Oh, tail, you're the only on who understands me.

I'll be back with you all in a while. I know you understand. Maybe I'll even have some extra time to do editing, sitting around here.

Comments ( 24 )

Ouch. My uncle had to have that and it was very painful, but they got it sorted out with no complications - I hope all goes well for your fiancée too.

Well, hope everything goes swimmingly. Mustachioed Spike to cheer you up? :moustache:

That's not good:fluttershysad:. I hope everything goes well for you two.

Wow - bad luck. I don't normally do this, but you sound like you need it, so - hug?


I hope your other half is better soon.



I hope everything works out. :fluttershysad:

That's quite a lot of stresses all mixing together at one time, but I have every bit of confidence that your tail will carry you through to the end. :twilightsmile:

That's really a lot to deal with :twilightoops:
Of course we understand! Family and loved ones always come first.

Take care!


Oh, man... hang in there! You can do it! It's going to be OK.

Determined Dash for you -> :rainbowdetermined2:

O -
O -
I hope everything goes ok, you know you've got all of us here to support you.

Ouch. Hope she gets well soon!

I wish you both the best of luck.

I'll pray for you and your fiance to get through this without any hitches. :twilightblush:

From what I remember from my basic high school biology/health class, gallstones hurt like a b****

The gallstones are horrible but the surgery is really simple. Kidney stones are far worse.
Good luck to ya both.

Dang. So many ponies saying "good luck" like she isn't gonna make it.

Listen to me, as I seem to be the only voice of calm here. She's gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine, shit's gonna be fine. A couple years down the line, and you'll remember back to this and laugh shit off, because she'll be all, "OMFG BIRTHING PAINS ARE SO MUCH WORSE~!"

Unless she doesn't have kids, in which case you'll just look back on it as that one time shit seemed like it was falling apart, but everything went alright in the end anyways.

Also, mood enhancer:

Thanks, folks! Both the well wishes and the words of reassurance are most appreciated, especially for the feeling behind each. And don't you worry, she's a tough one. She keeps calling it "annoying" instead of painful, and I rather think she's serious. Surgery early tomorrow morning, and she should be coming home the next day.

I know how it is, I have a gallstone causing issues right now too, and just a while back I had appendicitis. :P My body is being all kinds of rebellious lately. I hope everything goes okay, but at least that procedure is relatively common and straightforward these days. You might want to bring her a bunch of water, I remember after my appendectomy I was more thirsty than anything. I felt like I could drink all of Lake Michigan and I probably went through a few gallons of water in a single day quite literally. It was the worst right when the anesthesia wore off completely.



For SURE, amirite?

And you just know that, secretly, for just a moment, in his head, he was trying to calculate just how many ponies that was going to be and holy crap that's a lot like holy Celestia~!

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