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    To My Readers

    Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark, but I had to delay the next chapter to fix some things. Currently, chapters one through six have finally been updated to my current style. Reason why is that my old style for those specific chapters gave me a headache and might turn away new readers in the future. Anyway, feel free to read those chapters or just ignore this and wait for the next one.

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    Who's your favorite, Sun or Moon?

    To my readers.

    A fun question, I know both alicorns are not distinctive enough, but personally, who's your favorite?

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    Sun and Moon's Voices

    Like the title, what kind of voice do you picture Sun and Moon having?

    Let me know in the comments from your perspective.

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Who's your favorite, Sun or Moon? · 9:55pm May 23rd, 2014

To my readers.

A fun question, I know both alicorns are not distinctive enough, but personally, who's your favorite?

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Impossible to say. My question is: who has the higher kiss count?

Sun. Just, Sun. While I think Luna is best princess, I have a certain attachment to the sun, I like taking naps with the sun shining on me, so I'd have to say it would be Sun.

moon the night is your best friend when you live in a hot place

I'm most definately a creature of the night, so the answer would be Luna.

Long Live The Luna Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

Hope my answer was informative and useful :twilightsmile:

2138966 moon :rainbowlaugh: id kiss her to within an inch of her life anyday :raritywink:

Long live the Moon! (if it isn't ovoid, I like moon better because he's always keeps you safe at night as you sleep... Although that does sound a but creepy to some people):pinkiecrazy::heart:

Honestly, guys, personally, I can't choose between the two myself. I like the sun because of the how the warmness it gives every morning, especially the moon, when I want to cool off during the night. :pinkiehappy:


Who knows? I have yet to answer that question myself as I go along with the story.

I personally like both of their characters so far. Quiet and contemplative, expressing concerns but overall a sort of severe awkward politeness... Why, you have near damn perfect characters. As long as they don't suddenly become sarcastic asshats, I don't see a problem with them...yet.

Sun. Luna is actually my most disliked character. Although I do have a preference for night time over day time, I still hate that bitch.

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