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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."

  • EHer Legacy
    On a day of great sadness, our favorite party pony remembers the lessons of her greatest teacher, and foolishly chooses to be alone.
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Well... I Did It. · 6:12pm May 21st, 2014

I got an ok... So I published my random Pinkie story.

It's got some real life inspiration. When people are sad I'm sad... and I believe you shouldn't be sad alone. You should be with friends that love you.

I am willing to be friends with everyone. No matter the situation and I would love to help you if you needed it. A few of my friends have taken their own life in the past... and no one even knew they were upset. It's a sad concept and I felt like writing some sort of story with that general message. Solong said I did good... So I put it up. You'll see it soon, and I hope you like it. What really matters is that the message gets across.

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That's so sad that you know people who have taken their own life. :fluttercry: I guess I'm fortunate enough not to. In fact, I've never lost anyone close to me (except a few beloved cats, but that's not quite the same). I really don't know how I'd react. Actually, that's not true; I've had nightmares so real that I'll wake up in tears—usually involving my mama...

But I too am willing to be friends with anyone. I will hear anyone out and give them my long-pondered comfort and advice. I don't know if I've done a good job at it, but I try. It's a bit harder online, though.

I will be sure to read your story Tidal! Thanks for being here! :twilightsmile:

2134064 I definitely appreciate it:twilightsmile: I tagged it in case you haven't seen it yet

Yeah... one person I was particularly close to. So it hurt and I was confused. Though I realize the best think I can do now is try and prevent it from happening by loving, and helping all those around me:twilightsmile:

2134108 Aye. Some people forget how many lives they'll affect by doing that. That's why we need to be there for them, and really watch closely, because all too often we don't know 'till after the fact.

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